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People Aren’t Sure How To Feel About John Legend’s Song In "La La Land"

"Are we supposed to hate it because I kind of love it?"

If you’ve seen La La Land, you know that Ryan Gosling’s old-school-jazz-loving character, Sebastian, very reluctantly joins the pop-oriented jazz band fronted by John Legend’s character, Keith.

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Not only that, but when he finally jams with the band on their song “Start a Fire,” he spends the whole session looking like he's smelled a fart.

Later, Emma Stone’s character, Mia, goes to see the band in concert, and when they play “Start a Fire” she isn't feeling it.

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At all.

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The movie doesn’t seem to want you to like the song, but it turns out a lot of people kind of love it — and they’re all mixed up about it.

Some gingerly let their feelings be known...

Ok but what if I like the John Legend LA LA LAND song that we're supposed to hate?

While others were kind of confused by what they were feeling.

Were we supposed to hate John Legend's song in La La Land cause it's really good

This girl wondered if her love of the song meant there was something wrong with her.

The only song I truly enjoyed in La La Land is John Legend's, so I kinda feel like I am the root of society's problems ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And this guy made his opinion known while FIRING SHOTS.

Honestly, John Legend's song from La La Land was MUCH better than Ryan Gosling's croaking. #fyi

Some were defensive about their feelings...

John Legend's song is easily the best track on the #Lalaland soundtrack. I don't care if it's "shallow" and modern...

Some boldly said it was the best song in the movie (sorry, "City of Stars").

The John Legend song that was supposed to be a disgrace and a sell out was by far the best song in La La Land.

Some were ready to fight over it...

I liked the John Legend song in LA LA LAND. Come at me.

And then there was this fearless soul, who basked in her love of the song without qualification.

can they play that John Legend song from La La Land on the radio honestly that song was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Of course, there were plenty of people who agreed the song wasn't where it's at.

Does La La Land want us to hate the John Legend song? Because I really hate it. He is basically a Faust-like character. @arbogast1960

This guy threw down on anyone who dared to like it.

I like John Legend, but all y'alls saying his LA LA LAND song fails as a representation of cynical hackwork by being good must have earwax.

This guy even thought Spotify agreed with him that it sucks!

Glad Spotify agrees with me about the rubbish John Legend track.

Of course, the song is now available on Spotify — and was probably unavailable at the time because of licensing issues — but who knows!

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