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People Are Making Memes Of A Pissed-Off Peppa Pig And It Is Too Damn Funny

Who knew Peppa was so savage?

Peppa Pig is for kids, but one scene from the show is so savagely funny (no matter how old you are) that it has gone viral on Twitter:

I wanted to share this because I LITERALLY DIE EVERY TIME LIKE PEPPA WAS PISSED 😭😭

You should really watch it, I mean it is short, it is hilarious, what else you got to do? But if you can't, here's the gist:

Entertainment One

Peppa is bummed out that she can't whistle, so she calls a friend, Susie Sheep, to ask her if she can whistle. Susie says she can't whistle because she's never tried, and Peppa is pleased. But then Susie is like, "Hold on, let me try to do it..." and she WHISTLES PERFECTLY on her first try!

And Peppa is immediately like:

Entertainment One


As the video piled up shares and likes, someone challenged Twitter to turn Peppa's savage moment into a meme...

And Twitter went to (hilarious) work:

Bye, Felicia:

Entertainment One

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