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    Carrie Fisher And Sean Lennon Wrote A Song Before She Died, And Well, Grab Your Tissues

    It's called "Bird Song," and its hauntingly beautiful.

    This isn’t widely known, but Carrie Fisher and musician Sean Ono Lennon were actually good friends.

    Sean wrote on Instagram after Carrie's passing: "I can honestly say that Carrie was one of the best and closest friends I've ever had in my life. She was the smartest, funniest, kindest, and most generous person I have ever known. My heart is completely and permanently broken. This is the kind of loss that you never recover from. I know because I still miss my dad every single day."

    Their friendship makes sense when you realize they both grew up in the shadow of larger-than-life celebrities — Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher in Carrie’s case, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Sean’s.

    Over the weekend Sean made public “Bird Song,” a song he co-wrote with Carrie and felt compelled to record after her passing.

    He elaborated on Soundcloud, “This is only a demo unmixed, we only had a few hours to record it. But the lyrics she wrote with me I think are marvelous. Carrie and I used to stay up until dawn chatting and pontificating about life. They were my best moments. Anyway... we wrote a song about staying up too late and hearing the birds sing.”

    To help record the song, Sean enlisted the help of one of his recent collaborators, Willow Smith, who Sean says “was generous enough to lend her golden voice to this little tune.”

    Unmixed demo or not, people are really loving “Bird Song.”

    This song Sean Lennon co-wrote with Carrie Fisher is amazing!

    The most beautifully haunting song ever. ❤️🙏🏽

    Ahhh harmonies! Simply lovely! Poetic lyrics. Combines the haunting beauty of Because w/ rolling piano accompanimen…

    Wow, touchingly beautiful. 👍🏻💖

    This gave me a spiritual experience for a few minutes🌸

    Sonic Souls. Stunning. Leave it as it is. This is a melodic version of how well your friendship resonated. Beautifu…

    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful friendship.