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What's Your Worst Traveling-With-Kids Horror Story?

Traveling with kids isn't a's a trip.

Ah, traveling with kids. Until you actually have kids, you have no idea just how crazy an experience it is.

I'm back from a weekend away with the kids. Notice I did not use the word "vacation"? That was deliberate.

If you've traveled with kids, it's possible the craziness started at the packing phase:

Asked the 7yo to pack her airline carryon. She included: an empty box, a harmonica, shark teeth, and broken glass. #travelingwithkids

It's also likely you have a kid-related airport horror story:

Every thing you've ever seen a parent do in public that you've disagreed with I've done in this airport today.

Or maybe you went somewhere amazing — like the Eiffel freaking Tower! — and your kid made the experience memorable in a totally different way than you hoped:

Because temper tantrums are just as effective in Paris. #eiffeltower #travelingwithkids #toddlerlife #momlife #TBT

Perhaps your kids had an epic fight in paradise:

Listening to my kids argue on vacation is just like being at home except I have an ocean view.

Or maybe you've had a traveling-with-kids experience that even Clark Griswold wouldn't believe.

Whatever your worst traveling-with-kids story is, we want to hear it! Share it in the comments below and it could appear in a future BuzzFeed post!