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What's The Laziest Thing Your Kid Has Ever Done?

Kids are like the Michelangelos of laziness.

We love our kids to pieces, but let’s have some real talk for a second, shall we? KIDS. ARE. LAZY.

little_miss_grumpy / Via

They don't want to walk anywhere...

yulibenado / Via

And they'll go to great lengths to not clean anything up (like the kid who did this after dropping an egg).

tatianafetzer / Via

I mean, they've sort of made laziness into an art form!

letterk_john / Via

And while we will eventually whip our kids into shape, you have to admire how committed they are to their laziness — this kid, for example, made his own bandaid out of things downstairs rather than trudge upstairs to get one!


I mean, their laziness is hilariously impressive!

love_always_chanel / Via

So, we want to hear about the times your kids have been hilariously and/or inventively lazy. Tell us in the Dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!