40 Teenagers Who Got Absolutely Roasted By Their Parents

    "Having a teen is sending an 'I love you' text and getting back a thumbs-up reply."

    Ah, raising teenagers. It's a — how should I put this — joy, isn't it?

    To get through it, you need a good sense of humor, and these parents of teens have very, VERY good ones:


    Please remember my teen in prayer as tragically he must be seen at the grocery store with his family today

    Twitter: @maryfairybobrry


    Having a teenager is like living in a haunted house: every now and then you'll see a figure in the corner of your eye, hear moaning, and then a door slams.

    Twitter: @DrWhoWhatWhyHow


    My teenage daughter just walked in my room and said, “Mom, if you take my hairbrush can you please remember to put it back?”. I just looked at her and laughed and laughed and laughed until she slowly backed out of the room.

    Twitter: @whinecheezits


    You think your kid's room is bad? I watched our Roomba go in the doorway of my teen's room - looked both ways, and turned right back around and left.

    Twitter: @sweetmomissa


    I don't care how many degrees you have, nothing prepares you for a teen who finds their phone didn’t charge overnight.

    Twitter: @sarcasticmommy4


    One thing I learned from having a teen girl is that now I know that “No” is a 2 syllable word.

    Twitter: @MacDicksonShow


    How being a mother of a teenager started —— > how being a mother of a teenager is going

    Twitter: @katierosman


    Can anyone recommend a good wine that pairs well with a teenager's shitty attitude?

    Twitter: @RodLacroix


    Stay tuned for my next book all about raising a teenager that will be entitled, "I don't know what time it starts or where I'm going or who's going to be there and I'm annoyed you're so concerned over minor details".

    Twitter: @BigMama


    We are only a few months in, but I think having a teenager is fun as he*k.

    Twitter: @middlecasey


    Having a 15 year old son has really turned me into a boring asshole, apparently

    Twitter: @AndyRichter


    My teen has been doing chores since i got home. Pulled weeds, mowed the yard, took out the garbage. And any seasoned parent knows that I’m more suspicious than grateful.

    Twitter: @callie_mt


    My teen is starving. The only thing he’s ate today is a bowl of cereal, 5 sandwiches, 12 granola bars, a rotisserie chicken...

    Twitter: @mommajessiec


    Why has my teen son spent the last hour explaining to me what the Enderman from mine craft is? I am trying so hard to be nice but I think I am developing an eye twitch...

    Twitter: @Kalarigamerchic


    My teenager thinks we live in a hotel now!

    Twitter: @gerrydee



    My daughter went back to college today and I texted her that I missed her so much and she texted back 2.5 hours later, “Yes.” Then, “Sorry, that wasn’t for you.” I WAS IN LABOR FOR 14 HOURS

    Twitter: @Parkerlawyer


    Be kind to the people you meet... you never know who’s raising a teenager

    Twitter: @BlueeyedIce


    Having a teenager is ..... you tell them to go outside, get off the phone. But when they do, you find this by your husband’s parking space.

    Twitter: @LaraBricker


    None of the parenting books prepared me for my teen asking me what “the carpet matches the drapes” means.

    Twitter: @sweetmomissa


    Can’t believe it’s already quarter till 7. My teen: why do you have to talk like that, can’t you just say 6:45? Ugh.

    Twitter: @simoncholland


    As a mother of 2 teenagers I fully understand why animals eat their young

    Twitter: @dramadelinquent


    When you ask teenagers for a picture....

    Twitter: @SamMcAlister1


    If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's probably your teen who needs money for gas.

    Twitter: @sarcasticmommy4


    Having a teenager is like having a cat that only comes out to eat and hisses when you try and pet it.

    Twitter: @myuntamedsoul


    "Mom, have you lost weight?" is teenager for "I broke something really expensive that you don't know about yet."

    Twitter: @sweetmomissa


    Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, 3 cereal bowls, 47 half-empty water bottles and an open bag of chips. - things I find in my teen's room every day

    Twitter: @RodLacroix


    Raising teenagers makes you age in dog years! I think I look pretty good for being 343!!! #truelife #parentingteens

    Twitter: @ICantEven001


    “When your children are teenagers, it's important to have a dog so that someone in the house is happy to see you.” ― Nora Ephron

    Twitter: @StevenIsserlis


    How is it that my teenager feels free to scroll through my phone, check out my entire camera roll and read every last one of my text messages, but has a literal stroke if I make eye contact with her lock screen?

    Twitter: @ChristiLukasiak


    Me: Will you empty the dishwasher please? My teenager: I’m good Me:Thank you My teenager: That actually means No....that’s how my generation talks Me: Lets try this again, Empty the fecking dishwasher or you’ll get my foot up your arse , That’s how MY generation talks #IrishMom

    Twitter: @RealFionaO


    My 16 year old is named Dexter and he was texting a bunch while ignoring me so i called him “Texter” and let me tell you about the world’s largest, most angsty sigh

    Twitter: @MaryNumair


    My teenager just unloaded the dishwasher without being asked. She’s either done something wrong or it’s the goddamned apocalypse.

    Twitter: @MissColdHeart9


    At the airport. Just kissed 13yo son on his forehead. He reacted like Dracula getting impaled by a wooden stake.

    Twitter: @steveolivas


    Baby giraffes can walk right after birth. My kids are teens and still can't pour a drink without spilling it.

    Twitter: @RodLacroix


    The look of boredom on my teenager’s face when I ask him to do anything for me. Yeah I was bored when I was in labour for days too but it got much more exciting when they cut me open because you were asleep and decided to disengage. HAPPY DAYS.

    Twitter: @CarolineHirons


    Raising a teenager: 3:30 pm: Mom, when will you take a break from work to love me? You’ve been working all day. 3:31 pm: When are you going back to work? I have YouTube videos to watch.

    Twitter: @NatashaVianna


    Raising teenagers is like trying to fish a contact lens out of your eye when you're drunk.

    Twitter: @3sunzzz


    having a teen is sending them an 'i love you' text and getting a thumbs up reply.

    Twitter: @lisabodnar


    My 15 year old just now: mama, do you still have those ugly 90s looking sneakers I always make fun of. Me, beaming: No! I got rid of them and got some trendy ones. Her, crying: No! Mom why?! I need them! They’re in style now! *runs off upset* The end.

    Twitter: @LibyaLiberty


    Do’s and Don’ts when raising a teenager: Don’t: *Act excited when you see them *Ask them how their day was *Make any jokes... they will never be funny *Expect any form of affection *Sing out loud when driving *Expect them to tell you that they love you Do: *Love them anyway

    Twitter: @ICantEven001

    Good times!