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Parents, Share A Time You Wanted To Say, "That's Not My Kid!"

If you have kids, you know what it's like to be epically embarrassed.

We all love our kids to pieces, but every once in a while they do something that makes us wish we could say, “Uh, that’s not my kid!”

Like, maybe they pulled all the clothes off a display table at a store and you could feel the employees' eyes burning a hole through you.

Or maybe your kid asked an overweight man, “Are you pregnant?”

It’s also possible your kid yelled, “Play ball!” after a solemn prayer at church.

Did your kid pee their pants while sitting on a $2,000 showroom couch?

Or perhaps you got an angry call from another parent because your kid taught theirs “The Vagina Song.”

Whatever it is your kid did to make you want to say, “That’s not my kid!”, we want to know! Tell us in the Dropbox below and it could be in an upcoming Buzzfeed Community post!