21 Moms And Dads Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than They Deserve

    If you thought your days were long, you need to see these folks.

    1. The parents who, after three weeks of self-isolating, left the home for 10 minutes only to come back to find their kids had done this with a BB gun:

    2. And the dad who — after his kid went to get something from the attic — found him like this:

    3. The mom who didn't notice her cat run across the keyboard when she was ordering postcards, and ended up with these:

    4. The dad who accidentally washed his dog with hair dye and not shampoo:

    5. The dad who finally found his misplaced Led Zeppelin concert tickets...44 years later:

    6. The mom who — because of the coronavirus — put these Easter decorations in the mail instead of hand-delivering them, and they showed up like this:

    7. The parent who drove over their kid's computer bag and, well:

    8. The dad who came outside to find his car like this:

    9. The mom who was super excited for the cat post she ordered...until it arrived:

    10. The dad who attempted to give his son a quarantine haircut — with a fade, no less — and did this:

    11. And the dad whose foray into cutting his son's hair started badly and then ended abruptly when his razor died:

    12. The mom who tried to carry a big bowl of potato salad downstairs and...:

    13. The dad who forgot to put his truck in "park":

    14. The obviously not-quite-awake mom who made this coffee fail:

    15. The dad who left the grill's side for a few minutes and came back to this:

    16. And the dad whose grill melted the house:

    17. The mom who thought she'd break the monotony by cooking her family a turkey, and, well:

    18. The dad whose "If you can read this/Bring me a beer" sock pair didn't quite come as expected:

    19. The dad who bought his anime-loving son a crate of what he thought were 55 anime DVDs — but were actually hentai:

    20. The parent whose kid practiced the alphabet on the back of their headrest:

    21. And the poor mom who discovered this intruder in her home:

    H/T: r/Wellthatsucks

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