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    Parents Are Actually Using Drones To Pull Out Their Kids' Teeth

    This new parenting trend has got to be seen to be believed.

    It used to be that the most extreme thing parents did to help their kids pull their loose teeth involved the slamming of a door.


    But now a new parenting trend has parents using drones to pull out their kids' loose teeth.

    That's right. Drones.

    See this video.

    A search of YouTube turns up dozens of videos featuring this very twenty-first century way to pull a loose tooth.

    This Irish father and son posted one of the first of these videos — complete with charming accents — back in 2014.

    At its core the technique is pretty similar to the old door slamming trick your parents might have used on you.

    One end of a string is tied around the loose tooth...

    But instead of the door supplying the force, it's the drone — by shooting high into the sky.

    As neat as these videos are, it's hard not to wonder if this is safe for kids' teeth.

    Flickr: span112 / Via Creative Commons

    To find out, BuzzFeed Life spoke to Mary Hayes, DDS, of the American Dental Association:

    "Losing a baby tooth is an important and exciting event in a child's life. Parents have assisted creatively in this process for years. To avoid injury, I tell parents: help the child remove the tooth only if it is very, very loose. Be sure the child is willing and not frightened before proceeding."

    So it sounds like if your kid's tooth is very, very loose, and they're a willing participant, you should feel free to fire up the drone.

    With that said, there's also nothing wrong with just telling your kid to be patient and to keep wiggling it.

    Flickr: bethanyking / Via Creative Commons

    Hard as it may be for a modern kid to believe, their loose tooth will fall out even without the help of a drone.