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    21 Parenting Resolutions For The New Year

    Because resolving to be a better parent beats resolving to eat more kale.

    1. Resolve to: Model a better digital life.

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    Showing your kids you can survive without constantly being on your phone, tablet, or computer will help them to be less dependent on technology.

    2. Listen more.

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    Parents who listen well not only make their kids more confident speakers, but better listeners, too.

    3. Introduce your kids to new foods.

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    Start slowly by adding something new to one meal a week, then introduce more variety once your kids get the hang of it. Ethnic fruits and vegetables you already love are a great place to start.

    4. Continue learning as a parent.

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    Ongoing education is a priority at most jobs, so why not make it one at the job of parenting, too?

    5. Take more photos of your kids.

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    This year your kids will have more than just photos with the Easter Bunny and Santa.

    6. Take fewer photos.

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    On the other hand, if your kids groan every time you pull out your camera, you might want to work on taking fewer, more meaningful photos.

    7. Read more with your kids.

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    Start a "Book Club" where you agree to read any book of your kid's choosing. This will lead to lots of great conversations, and improve reading comprehension.

    8. Make time to recharge yourself.


    Parents are the first to neglect themselves, but "me-time" will make you happier and more energized when caring for your kids.

    9. Recharge with your partner as well.

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    Similarly, parents who make time for each other get along better, which kids greatly appreciate.

    10. Get outside more with your kids.

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    It's a great way to bond, inspire a love of nature, and encourage physical activity.

    11. Be nicer to your kids. / Via

    A massage is a bit much, but making an effort to take a breath before yelling isn't.

    12. Talk about parenting with other parents.

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    It's a terrific way to blow off steam, exchange parenting tips, and feel less alone.

    13. Catch your kids being good.

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    Make it a priority to let your kids know when you see them doing something good, and not just when you see them doing something bad.

    14. Judge other parents less.

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    It's all too easy to judge some parents, but constantly doing so only breeds negativity and takes your attention away from where it should be β€” on your kid.

    15. Have more one-on-one time.

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    Kids thrive when they have one parent all to themselves. Try picking a reoccurring activity β€” like an art class β€” and make hanging with just your kid a regular thing.

    16. Follow through.

    Being consistent with a punishment or rule will stop kids from thinking they can disobey you and get away with it.

    17. Play with your kids more.

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    Getting on the floor and acting silly might not be how you want to spend the afternoon, but it’s how your kids want to interact with you as opposed to how you want to interact with them.

    18. Maintain a routine.

    Kids, like soldiers, respond well to a predictable schedule, so focusing on maintaining normalcy is a good idea.

    19. Have a surprise of the month.

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    It doesn't have to be as elaborate as a trip to Disneyland, but planning one fun surprise for the family each month builds togetherness and wonderful memories.

    20. Leave your work at the office as much as possible.

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    Focusing 100% on your kids when you're with them will make your time together quality time.

    21. Always be grateful.

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    Never losing sight of how lucky you are to have your kids β€” even when they're spilling juice on the carpet or screaming at the top of their lungs β€” will make you both a better parent and better equipped to deal with the challenges of parenting.

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