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21 Parenting Resolutions For The New Year

Because resolving to be a better parent beats resolving to eat more kale.

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3. Introduce your kids to new foods.

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Start slowly by adding something new to one meal a week, then introduce more variety once your kids get the hang of it. Ethnic fruits and vegetables you already love are a great place to start.


14. Judge other parents less.

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It's all too easy to judge some parents, but constantly doing so only breeds negativity and takes your attention away from where it should be — on your kid.


17. Play with your kids more.

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Getting on the floor and acting silly might not be how you want to spend the afternoon, but it’s how your kids want to interact with you as opposed to how you want to interact with them.

21. Always be grateful.

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Never losing sight of how lucky you are to have your kids — even when they're spilling juice on the carpet or screaming at the top of their lungs — will make you both a better parent and better equipped to deal with the challenges of parenting.