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    17 Times Nicolas Cage Was Every Parent

    Because being a parent is almost as weird as he is.

    1. When you drop the kids off at the grandparents:

    2. When you step on a Lego:

    3. When you're waiting for your kid to finish in the bathroom:

    4. When your kid asks where babies come from:

    5. When someone tries to give you unsolicited parenting advice:

    6. When your kid is throwing a tantrum:

    7. When you realize you forgot to pack diapers:

    8. When your kid talks back to you in public:

    9. When your kid's teacher calls out of the blue to have a meeting:

    10. When your partner calls and says they have to stay at work another couple hours:

    11. When someone talks crap about your kid:

    12. When you're waiting for your kid to finish picking up their room:

    13. When you're trying to listen to your kid talk about Minecraft:

    14. When you're trying to talk on the phone but your kid won't stop making noise:

    15. When your kid announces your family's private business in public:

    16. When your kid is on your last nerve but you're trying really hard to keep it together:

    17. When you get home after taking your kids to Chuck E. Cheese's: