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    Parenting As Told By "Mean Girls"

    From Burn Book to baby book.

    1. When your kid follows you everywhere (even into the bathroom):

    2. When it's time to discuss the birds and the bees:

    3. When the kid next door has been playing at your house for hours:

    4. When your kids won't stop fighting:

    5. When your kid asks why you keep hounding them about doing their homework:

    6. When you were stuck talking to that rando parent at the park:

    7. When you drop your kid off somewhere and have just enough time for a Target run:

    8. When you say something sarcastic and your kid looks at you, confused.

    9. When you push a stroller into Forever 21:

    10. When your kid wants to walk in front of you at the mall:

    11. When you watch your kid perform in the talent show:

    12. When your kid is excited to show you how he can make his penis grow:

    13. When your kid is dealing with bullies at school:

    14. When you've been stuck at home with the kids and your single friend starts talking about her weekend:

    15. When you simply can't cook another meal:

    16. When your kids keep acting up in the backseat:

    17. When the babysitter cancels at the last minute:

    18. When your kid is making way too much noise:

    19. When your kid complains about being at the kids' table on Thanksgiving:

    20. When you ponder how much Minecraft your kid can play:

    21. When your kid won't stop begging for a cookie:

    22. When someone asks you what it's like having a toddler: