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    18 Times People Wore Pants And Lived To Really Regret It

    Some pants are just made evil.

    1. These pants that couldn't bother to stay up long enough for this man to walk the bride down the aisle:

    2. And these pants that thought it'd be real funny to make this woman look half naked:

    3. Ditto for these pants that did this weather forecaster even dirtier:

    4. These pants that had a very unfortunate-looking melted Milk Dud on their seat and said nothing about it:

    5. These pants that are basically designed to make you look like you peed yourself:

    6. And these pants that gleefully soaked up a spill in the worst possible spot:

    7. These starchy pants that appear ready to kill someone:

    8. And these equally starchy pants that 100% look like there's a ghost wearing them:

    9. These pants that seem destined to scare the crap out of someone in the middle of the night:

    10. And these pants that are just kind of creepy looking:

    11. These pants that are super upfront about the fact they may severely harm your penis:

    12. These pants that probably thought they were real funny putting a flower there:

    13. These pants that probably thought they were even funnier by putting that curious kitty...there:

    14. And these pants that definitely think they're funny:

    15. These pants that dared to dry like this, I mean really:

    16. These pants that ripped and then just let this man meet with clients all day:

    17. These pants that ripped and let this poor person go to college like this:

    18. And lastly, these pants that had no qualms ripping all the way to hell in the middle of a graduation: