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    OMG, American Girl Just Announced Its First-Ever Boy Doll

    His name is Logan Everett, and he's part of an impressively diverse set of new dolls.

    American Girl announced its new set of dolls for 2017, and it is notably more diverse than in years past.

    There is the new 2017 Girl of the Year, Gabriela McBride, an African-American whose love of spoken word poetry has helped her overcome a stutter.

    There is Z Yang, a Korean-American who uses filmmaking to put her own stamp on the world.

    And there is a historical Hawaiian character, Nanea, who will hit shelves later in the year.

    Nanea's story takes place during World War II.

    But the most surprising inclusion is American Girl's first-ever boy character doll!

    Meet Logan Everett.

    Logan comes in response to requests from American Girl fans who have long wanted a boy character doll. Many, in fact, have taken to DIYing their own boy dolls.

    So what's Logan's story? He's a cool cat from Nashville who plays drums with his singer-songwriter pal, Tenney Grant (who is also a new doll for 2017).

    Look at the way he's looking at her. He loves her! (Okay, I've watched way too much Nashville.)

    Logan Everett will be available in American Girl stores on February 16th.

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