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    21 Nostalgic Gen X Tweets That Are Also Super Funny

    I guess you had to be there.

    OK, Gen X'ers, it's time for some tweets that will crack us up but confuse everyone else — and also make you feel more than a little nostalgic for the '80s and '90s.

    1. First, who can forget the rush of being passed one of these when the teacher's back was turned?

    Hey kiddos, this is how we texted in the 80s and 90s

    2. Reality Bites was awesome. Kids today being confused by it? Not so much.

    Watching Reality Bites and one of my kids wants to know if Leilani’s video is going to go viral.

    3. It was a crazy time, LOL.

    The 80s were crazy. Shoulder pads. Parachute pants. Kids flying through the sky on bikes with extra terrestrials

    4. This is why you don't see us complaining about wearing a mask.

    PEOPLE: “But it’s so hard to breathe in a surgical mask! 😩 GEN X:

    5. Too ra loo ra too ra loo rye aye!

    A sympathetic shout out to all the blameless women called Karen at the moment. Must be worse than being called Eileen in the 80s.

    6. Seriously, looking back, I have to ask, "WHAT WERE THOSE SHIRTS AND WHO APPROVED THEM?!?!"

    I can't wait for all the teens and tweens dressing like we did in the '90s to start wearing Big Johnson shirts.

    7. Of course, in 2020 all big leaguers look 15 to us.

    How come every base ball player from the 80s was 43 years old

    Like, seriously, what was up? These two were ACTIVE PLAYERS (not coaches) and would both play a few more seasons after this photo was taken!!!

    8. Strangely accurate.

    Video Games in the 80s: Run! Jump! Eat this flower! Collect the coins! Video Games Now: You are a broken man, haunted by the choices you’ve made. You do not fear the sweet embrace of death, but you still have unfinished business.

    9. This is some truth here — I remember going to school on Monday the day after The Day After aired, and all of us kids were convinced the end was near!

    They fucked us older gen X folks up when we were teens and pre-teens, by coming out with two movies called Threads and The Day After, both about nuclear war and the fallout. This was during the Reagan presidency when a lot of people thought nuke war w Russia was a certainty.

    And then the next year, Red Dawn came out (about a Russian invasion), so we all pretty much thought it'd be a) nuclear war or b) mass invasion where we would have to take up arms. Yikes! (Sarcasm font: Thank goodness tensions with Russia have died down.)

    10. No one loves this man like a Gen X'er.

    The entirety of GenX: "We love you, #HarrisonFord!" Harrison Ford:

    11. Idea for the first week of distance learning: a Winona Ryder movie marathon so the kids LEARN.

    Some days I remember that Winona Ryder, the dark princess of Gen X, the coolest of the cool, is known among many younger folks as "the mom from Stranger Things".

    "Alright, students. In what year did Winona star in not one, but TWO classics, Heathers and Beetlejuice?"

    12. This was definitely the summer itinerary.

    The life of a #GenX kid: Wake up and immediately go outside; play with dangerous things in dangerous places. Show up for dinner 14 hours later; parents are surprised to learn you weren’t home. Eat fishsticks alone while watching tv. Read in bed with flashlight.

    13. "Why isn't my mouse working?!" LOL.

    14. Can I add "the Pepsi Challenge" to this list?

    Things only people of a certain age will understand: "Where's the beef?" Greatest American Hero When Smurfette turned bad 😲 Al from Quantum Leap Daisy dukes "Don't squeeze the Charmin" When a pill turns your teeth a colour at the dentist Invisible Jet We all need a Clarence

    15. Blame John Hughes for this one.

    I love watching 80s and 90s movies for the houses, my God, you’d think everybody lived in a fucking mansion back then

    16. OK, full disclosure, I don't remember this, but it feels very much like the kind of ridiculous thing that would have happened.

    The funniest marketing failure in history is when Coke tried appealing to Gen X with “OK Soda” and hired artists like Daniel Clowes to design the packaging

    17. Ding-ding! Accurate!

    The most unrealistic thing on TV isn’t dragons or vampires or aliens, it’s anyone Gen X or younger answering an unexpected knock at the door. That shit does NOT happen.

    18. Kids today cannot understand how important TV was to us — and nothing was on demand! We had to watch whatever crap was on!

    Gen X in a nutshell. When I was a kid, I’d race home & immediately do all my homework. So I could watch about 6 hours of tv without getting interrupted.

    We were like, "Man, this episode of Gilligan's Island is boring and I've seen it six times. Well, I better settle in and watch."

    19. Who could forget friendship pins?

    20. Yup.

    if you’re Gen X but you still have a landline you are automatically bumped up to boomer, those are the rules

    21. And lastly, don't worry if you can't read the Portuguese in this tweet. Just watch this short promo for the Atari 2600 that surely wowed us back in the day, but today looks hilariously antiquated.

    Muito legal esse comercial do Atari 2600 com três lendas do esporte jogando: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Mario Andretti & Pelé Foi feito em 1981, o Abdul-Jabbar jogava na NBA pelos Lakers, o Andretti dirigia uma Alfa Romeo na Fórmula 1 e o Pelé já tinha se aposentado

    And if you didn't like these, well: