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People Shared "Nope!" Photos That'll Make You Feel Something Even If It Is Sick

Don't say we didn't warn you.

1. Imagine climbing up here and then realizing you have to get back down:

2. Or climbing up this rock and getting stuck here:

3. Imagine going cave exploring and getting into this tight spot:

4. Or going skiing and finding yourself on a much, much steeper trail than you thought:

5. Imagine going for a walk and finding this beast in your path:

6. Or taking a swim when a large earthquake hits:

7. Imagine coming home and discovering this:

8. Or going into your room to cool off and seeing this:

9. Imagine feeling...something, so you look down at your zipper and see: 

10. Or going to play video games and reaching for the controller when you see:

11. Imagine being the exterminator who went into an attic and found this yellow jacket nest:

12. Or taking a trip to paradise only to find yourself with an unwelcome roommate:

13. Imagine taking a walk after a flood and seeing this:

14. Or walking past this abandoned shed and seeing this mask/nest nightmare:

15. Imagine going to use the toilet and seeing this:

16. Or going to pay for parking and seeing this:

17. Imagine looking into your backyard and seeing these kitties:

18. Or looking in your front yard and seeing this absolute unit of an alligator:

19. Imagine going for a jog on the beach and coming across this:

20. Or going to buy some snacks and coming across this:

21. OK! Time for spider stuff! Imagine using the toilet and then turning to get some paper:

22. Or worse, flushing and seeing this:

23. Imagine going to get your Amazon package and seeing this:

24. Or changing the drywall behind your shower and discovering you haven't been showering alone:

25. Imagine the power going out, then going to check the power box and seeing this nightmare:

26. Or going to make yourself a cup of coffee and seeing this:

27. Imagine going to get in your car and realizing it has been invaded by these sizable spiders:

nope from nope

28. Or enjoying a little kayaking when this happened:

29. Imagine driving somewhere when all of a sudden this new friend slithered out of the air conditioner vent:

30. Or looking out the window of your plane and seeing literal snakes on a plane:

31. And lastly, imagine celebrating New Year's Eve in 2019, and then having to watch the year turn to 2020.

Man, this last one really gives me the shivers, how 'bout you?

h/t: r/nope