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Posted on Jun 27, 2018

What Questions Do You Have For Parents That You're Afraid Ask?

Ask anything — we mean ANYTHING — and BuzzFeed Parents will answer truthfully.

So, people without kids, have you ever looked at parents...and had questions?

Like, maybe you wanted to know why parents cancel plans so much?

PabloPiqasso / Via Instagram: @pablopiqasso

Or maybe you wondered if they’re REALLY as tired as they act?

Do you ask yourself, “Why doesn’t cleaning poop and snot gross parents out more?"


Or maybe you have some kind of personal question you’re afraid to ask IRL, like “Do parents still have sex?”


Or: "Do you regret having kids?"

New Line

Or maybe even: “Why does having kids make people so...lame?"


Way harsh, Tai!

Whatever question you have — no matter how personal or rude — we want to hear it! Put it in the dropbox below and it could be included in a future BuzzFeed post where the parents of BuzzFeed answer your questions 100% honestly!