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    17 People Who Did Things That Are Jaw-Dropping And Then Some

    1. The redditor who did the impossible and rickrolled Rick Astley himself!

    A Redditor tricks Rick Astley into following a link by saying it leads to a photo the two of them took together twenty years ago
    dpm259 / Via

    The redditor claimed to link to a photo he and Astley took together backstage many years ago, but when Astley clicked on it, he got the eternal rickroll.

    2. The mom who seriously upgraded her son's cast, Thanos-style.

    A cast has been re-fashioned to look like Thanos' gauntlet
    thefaith1029 / Via

    3. And speaking of Thanos's gauntlet, the person who β€” holy cow β€” carved this Iron Man jack-o'-lantern.

    Iron Man, in the moment he snaps the gauntlet, has been carved into a pumpkin
    DoggieDoc83 / Via

    4. The mother and son who did, well, whatever this "I watched this 50 times" magic is.

    Mom and son rubber necking from nextfuckinglevel

    5. The guy who painted β€” yes, painted β€” this giant banana inside an aluminum container.

    A man has painted a huge banana into a pan and it looks very real
    udi90007 / Via

    6. The history teacher who β€” no big deal β€” drew this on his class's whiteboard.

    An incredible drawing of a historical Asian warrior
    QEDification / Via

    7. The mom who β€” upon learning that her son wouldn't be able to walk at graduation because of the coronavirus pandemic β€” found an epic way to help her son celebrate.

    A billboard says Congrats Jaylen, class of 2020, love Mom
    Close2Cool / Via

    8. The basketball player who casually nailed this impossible shot.

    He is going to show this video to his grandkids from nextfuckinglevel

    9. The dad who made this genius cake for dessert on Thanksgiving.

    A cake that looks exactly like a turkey
    FireFalls717 / Via

    10. The brother who somehow pulled off this Sleeping Beauty cake.

    My brother made me the birthday cake from Sleeping Beauty 😭😭😭

    11. And while we're talking about cakes, the baker whose creation was out of this world (and in a galaxy far, far away...sorry).

    A baker stands over an epic Millennium Falcon cake
    Palifaith / Via

    12. The high school kid who absolutely dominated the bench press and set his school's record.

    Garret, who has Down Syndrome, bench pressed a school record 355 pounds from nextfuckinglevel

    13. The runner who ran this route with only a compass and a map.

    A map on an app that tracks a runner's route has drawn an alligator
    Yaboii_Knull / Via

    14. The mom who decided to make her daughter's graduation from medical school extra special by graduating herself.

    A mother and daughter each hold a diploma
    i-like-to-be-wooshed / Via

    15. The mom who baked a stunning Easter basket out of bread.

    A woman holds an amazing basket made of bread
    adashpuch / Via

    16. The chef who is a literal artist with a knife.

    Now that's what you call a chef! from nextfuckinglevel

    17. And the 63-year-old who pulled off this no-hands headstand.

    gainsplainsntrains / Via

    Want to see some more next-level stuff? Check out r/nextfuckinglevel.

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