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    15 New Year's Eve Fails That'll Make You Glad You're Staying In This Year

    Nothing good ever happens on New Year's Eve.

    Feeling bad about not being able to throw a New Year's Eve party?

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    1. Well, at least you won't have to wake up the next morning to discover someone knocked your grill into the pool:

    New Years Eve parties always result in a casualty. This year the grill took the fall. from funny

    2. You also won't have to open your pantry and discover one of your guests tore all the labels off your cans:

    Someone removed all labels on the cans during the New years party i was trowing last night from pics

    3. Nor will you have to come across "artwork" someone left on your electrical outlet:

    Friend of mine found this on his wall after a New Years party from pics

    4. One more thing you won't have to discover — your toilet no longer working because a guest stuffed something into it:

    Toilet hasn't been working since my New Years party. Popped off the lid and found this inside the tank... from WTF

    Now, were you not planning on throwing a party, but feel bad about not being able to go to one?

    5. Well, you can take solace in knowing there's a 0% chance you'll pass out and other party guests will stack beer cans on your head:

    At New Year's Eve, after people started going home from the party, a friend of mine passed out. We decided to have some fun by stacking cans on his head. 12! from funny

    6. There's also no chance that you'll get a little tipsy and drop your cash into some random party's toilet:

    7. Another plus of staying home? You'll get to avoid toxic family members:

    Shout out to my uncle who laughed at me for doing a psychology degree and told me in front of everyone at our family NYE party that I would amount to nothing, that psychology isn’t a real degree and I would end up unemployed. Hahahaha ya dickhead.

    8. Keeping things low key at home also means you won't lose a huge chunk of your hair in a Roman candle accident:

    What's that? You normally go to a club instead of a party?

    9. Well, congratulations! This year, you get to avoid dropping twelve bucks on every thimble-sized drink you order:

    y’all are really spending new year’s eve at a club just so u can pay $12 for a drink and get confetti dumped on u at midnight while party rock anthem plays

    10. But the best part of staying home this year is definitely staying safe. Not just from COVID-19, but also from the drunken hijinks that risk sending you to the emergency room:

    11. You also get to avoid drunken hijinks that are just really, really embarrassing:

    My friend is still recovering from his New Year Party. Here is the state he was in that night from funny

    12. But back to the safety thing — you won't have to get into someone's car, then have them hit the brakes suddenly:

    13. Because the roads aren't safe out there on New Year's Eve:

    14. Even if you're not doing the driving:

    i really hate getting Ubers in florida cuz I always remember how one NYE i was drunk n booked a ride home from a party, after twenty min on the highway my driver turns to me and says “hey bro...wanna let you know I’m pretty fucked up too right now but we gon get thru this”

    15. Lastly, not going out this year means you'll be safe at home at the end of the night, and not asleep on your neighbor's porch:

    My Friend got home after work around 2 AM to find his neighbor's son after too much new years eve celebration from funny

    So don't fret keeping things low key this year. More than likely, you'll be back to having all that fun next year:


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