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A Mom Was Upset After Discovering A Large Penis Drawn In A Popular Kid's Show On Netflix

The animators behind Maya the Bee have some 'splainin' to do.

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A penis, however, is exactly what one mom spotted when watching Maya the Bee on Netflix. In a now-deleted Facebook post, Chey Robinson wrote: “Smh. Please be mindful what your kids are watching! I did NOT edit any images whatsoever."

Chey Robinson / Facebook

Robinson continued, "I know I’m not going crazy and I know that something like this shouldn’t be in a kid's show whatsoever. I’m extremely disgusted by it, there should be no reason my kids have to see something like this. I don’t know if they’re gonna do something about this...”

Netflix has since removed the episode. According to Variety, the streaming service “has yet to make a statement about the penis’ presence or the removal of the episode.”

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