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    NBA Superstar Stephen Curry Opens Up About His Life As A Dad

    Riley's dad — and, oh yeah, NBA champion and league MVP — dishes on his dadding life.

    2015 has been quite the year for Stephen Curry.

    On the court, he led the Golden State Warriors to their first NBA championship in 40 years and won the league’s Most Valuable Player award.

    Off the court, he became nearly as well known as the dad of 3-year-old Riley Curry, who took the internet by storm with her off-the-charts adorableness.

    And to top it all off, he had the joy of welcoming a new daughter, Ryan Carson, to the world.

    BuzzFeed Life recently visited Stephen on the set of a commercial for his new signature shoe, the Curry 2, to find out more about his life as a dad.

    First, can you tell me a little about the release of the Curry 2? It’s available in kid sizes, too, right?

    During the playoffs you brought Riley into the press room with you after a few games, and she really stole the show. Most people thought it was great, but some were critical of you. What did you think about that?

    Did you expect her to steal the show?

    "No! I just thought she'd hug on me and listen to me talk, but as soon I started going she took over. My whole family and I enjoyed every minute of it because that's exactly how she is at home, and it was cool to see her in front of that many people feeling comfortable."

    Your other daughter, Ryan, is just 3½ months old. What’s it like having a new baby at the start of the season?

    What’s the hardest part about being a dad now that the season has started?

    The travel part of what I do is the hardest part. I have to be away from my family for stretches of time and I miss a lot. They're growing so fast and something changes every single day. I want to be as involved as I can, but sometimes I have to be away.

    Have you developed any tricks for staying close when you’re away?

    Every parent has a blowout diaper or throw-up story. What's yours?

    What would you cook for Riley if you were alone with her and she was hungry?

    What’s your biggest worry as the father of daughters?

    What is the thing Ayesha does best as a mom?

    Which kids show annoys you the most?

    Is Riley into princesses?

    "She is. She was in on the whole Frozen kick."

    How up on it are you? Have you been paying attention with all the princess stuff?

    "Oh, yeah."

    OK, let's have a little princess test then. Who's the princess in Beauty and the Beast?

    Princess and the Frog?

    The Little Mermaid?

    And then how about the sisters in Frozen?

    What is the hardest part of being a parent?

    "Patience is huge. But also keeping your marriage a priority."

    Have you found tricks for doing that?

    What has it been like being a younger parent? Has it been difficult?

    What are you most proud of about Riley?

    If your friends asked you for one reason why they should have kids, what would you tell them?

    "Kids put life into perspective. I never have a bad day. Life happens and you get bad news sometime, or things don't go your way at work — for me that might mean I lose a game or not play well — but that doesn't affect my mood from day to day. I love going home and seeing the smiles on my daughters' faces being happy to see me, and that makes everything all right."

    What’s one lesson you learned from your parents that has made you a better parent?

    The Dub Nation–inspired Curry 2 is exclusively available at Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker in men’s, boys' grade school, and boys' preschool sizes.