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    These 25 Movie Stars Deserved Better, And Frankly I'm Mad About It

    Sometimes Hollywood really drops the ball.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the movie stars they think are great and deserved so much more. Here are their often thought-provoking choices:

    1. Brendan Fraser


    "He should be doing action movies right now like Tom Cruise, but instead his career suffered because he was bold enough to raise his voice against Hollywood abusers. Later, he gained a little weight and people were brutal to him and made fun of him mercilessly. Audiences AND Hollywood executives are responsible for the state of his career."


    2. Moira Kelly



    "Yes! The Cutting Edge should’ve been the movie that launched her career and it just...didn’t."


    3. Hattie McDaniel

    Hattie in 1939's Gone with the Wind

    "She was equally great in comedies and dramas (despite almost always being cast as either a maid or a slave). In many cases, she was the most interesting person in the film or seemed to keep the film together.

    Even though she never received a role worthy of her talent, she still won an Academy Award for her role as 'Mammy' in Gone with the Wind. At the ceremony, she was forced to sit at a segregated table against the wall away from the other nominees."


    4. Linda Cardellini


    "Honestly, she deserves better. She's been mainstream since Freaks and Geeks and Scooby-Doo, but she's mainly only played supporting characters like the mom or wife in her movies (see Avengers: Endgame where she was Hawkeye's wife). She's sooo talented, though. Just watch her Emmy-nominated performance in Dead to Me."


    5. Cary Elwes

    20th Century Fox

    "He was incredible in The Princess Bride and his other movies/TV shows. He’s an incredible actor and human being and deserves to be way more famous than he is."


    6. Ken Watanabe

    Ken in The Last Samurai
    Warner Bros.

    "Short and general answer: This happens to too many POC actors to name them all. But I'm still mad about Ken losing the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 2004. It not only would have been a historical victory (in the 92-year history of the Academy Awards, only three Asian actors have won — the last time in 1985), but above all it would have been so well deserved. His performance as Katsumoto in The Last Samurai stole the whole movie; he was simply outstanding. But you know: Oscars are so white and also basically reward famous names."


    7. Judy Greer

    "She's SO good but always plays the best friend, sidekick, or mom in EVERYTHING. Give this lady a leading role!"


    8. John Cusack

    20th Century Fox

    "He had cool hipster charm before it was a thing and was wayyyy underrated and under-appreciated. He’s had so many straight-to-video crime/thriller flops. I hope to God he finds an amazing home on TV after Utopia. He deserves it!"


    9. Kevin Costner

    Kevin in Field of Dreams

    "He was a HUGE star with many iconic movies in the late '80s/early '90s, almost like a hotter Tom Hanks in terms of popularity. But ever since, he's mainly been in a bunch of movies you may have never heard of."


    10. Annabella Sciorra

    Anabella smiling in Mr Wonderful
    Warner Bros.

    "She — plus Mira Sorvino, Rose McGowan, and others — had their careers purposely tanked by Harvey Weinstein. For many women in Hollywood, there were specific reasons their careers failed to materialize."


    11. Andrew McCarthy

    Andrew in Pretty in Pink

    "He was one of the best and most understated actors of the '80s and should still have a huge career now."


    12. Anna May Wong

    A glamorous and frankly wowza image of Anna holding a stringed instrument
    General Photographic Agency / Getty Images


    "OMG, yes. She is widely considered the first Chinese-American movie star, but was mistreated — most notably when she should have been cast as O-Lan, the Chinese lead of The Good Earth, but was passed over by the studio in favor of Luise Rainer, who played the part in yellowface."


    13. Gemma Arterton

    Gemma in Quantum of Solice

    "The woman is incredible, a great actor. But she always seems to make B-movies. She’s done some really good character roles, but you just never see her going big time. I wonder if it’s the Bond woman curse?"


    14. Adrien Brody

    Adrian holding up his Oscar
    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    "I was impressed with one of his earliest performances in Steven Soderbergh's superb King of the Hill, and he was also great in Tin Benny, Angels in the Outfield, Dummy, and Summer of Sam. And then he was completely brilliant in The Pianist, for which he became the youngest recipient of the Best Actor Oscar ever. Since then, though, I haven’t seen much of him. Maybe he makes poor role choices or good ones aren’t offered to him. But I miss him. Such a talent!"


    15. Rosamund Pike

    Mark Davis

    "She was unbelievable in Gone Girl and I thought she was going to be the next big thing in Hollywood after it, but I haven't seen her in much since then."


    16. Thora Birch

    Thora in American Beauty

    "She is such a talented actor but was much more known in her child acting days. She deserves more recognition. Her performance in Homeless in Harvard was really just breathtaking."


    "She was one of my favorite actors growing up and was poised for adult stardom (especially after American Beauty), but just never hit it big."


    17. Hedy Lamarr

    Hedy in a '40s era film

    "She was very young in her first film role and duped by the filmmakers into appearing in sexual situations on screen. After that, people saw her as an object and not a real actor.

    But no one appreciated her for her intellect. She was, in fact, the person behind creating Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth, but the military took the recognition years later. She never got a single payment or even recognition for her invention."


    18. Megan Fox

    Megan in Transformers

    "I was always team Megan after she claimed she was treated badly by Transformers director Michael Bay. It sucked to watch her be attacked by both women and men for simply calling something out. She deserved better."


    19. Shelley Duvall

    Shelley screaming as Jack uses an axe to break down the door of the bathroom she is in in The Shining
    Warner Bros.

    "She was treated so poorly on The Shining to the point where she lost hair. I think she’s great."


    "Stanley Kubrick absolutely tortured her to get that performance in The Shining. She does deserve better."


    20. Keira Knightley

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    She’s been in so many great movies but has only gotten one Academy Award nomination (for Pride and Prejudice). Her acting is so understated — she is beyond talented and deserves the world!"


    21. Tom Everett Scott

    Tom in That Thing You Do
    20th Century Fox

    He was fantastic in That Thing You Do! and then kind of fizzled. He's now known for starring on shows that last a season or two on TV."


    "Totally agree about Tom Everett Scott! He oozes loveliness and charisma."


    22. Naveen Andrews

    Naveen in The English Patient

    "He deserved an amazing career after Lost. He was super compelling on the show and a real breakout character."


    23. Angela Bassett

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    "She has played all her characters remarkably. And while she [was nominated for] the Best Actress Oscar for What's Love Got To Do With It? and worked steadily, she still hasn't gotten her full due (yet, at least)."


    24. Tippi Hedren

    Tippi with The Birds director Alfred Hitchcock
    Keystone / Getty Images

    "She refused sexual advances by Alfred Hitchcock and he made her life on the set of The Birds hell. He made her shoot a scene with real birds chained to her as they clawed at and attacked her. After refusing him for the last time, Hitchcock blackballed her in Hollywood and her career was severely affected. Add to this that no one listened to her story until after Hitchcock's death, and that she was a bright, beautiful, and insanely talented woman."


    25. Elijah Wood

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    "He's most known for playing Frodo, but he's so much more than that role. I feel he deserved so much recognition for his early roles like Paradise, Radio Flyer, Flipper, and The Good Son."


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    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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