16 Brilliant Actors Who Have Shockingly Never Been Nominated For An Academy Award

    There are snubs and then there are SNUBS.

    1. Cameron Diaz

    Cameron Diaz with frizzy hair and bad skin in being john malkovich

    Diaz in the trailer for Being John Malkovich

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    2. Jim Carrey

    Jim Carrey on stage as Andy Kaufman in man on the moon

    Here, Carrey as Kaufman squares off against wrestler Jerry Lawler on Late Night with David Letterman in Man on the Moon:

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    3. Jennifer Lopez

    Lopez stripping on stage with a pole in hustlers

    Here's an emotional scene where Lopez realizes her scheme is crashing down around her in Hustlers:

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    4. John Turturro

    Turturro wearing a suit and headphones a contestant in the quiz show

    Here, Turturro is told he has plateaued as a contestant and that the producers want him to take a dive in Quiz Show:

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    5. Kerry Washington

    A pregnant Washington and Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles in the film ray

    Here, Washington discovers her husband is again using drugs in Ray:

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    6. Steve Buscemi

    Buscemi sitting on a couch in a bland robe in ghost world

    Here, Buscemi has a disastrous night that reminds him he can't relate to most people:

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    Alexander The Great Stan Shady Arnold Stallone / youtube.com

    7. Kirsten Dunst

    Dunst looking sad in a stunning wedding gown in the movie melancholia

    Here, Dunst and her sister try to come to terms with their impending deaths in Melancholia:

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    8. Alan Rickman

    Rickman angry as the sheriff of nottingham in robin hood prince of thieves

    Here, Rickman angrily reacts upon learning that Robin Hood is giving the money he steals to the poor in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves:

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    9. Jennifer Aniston

    Jennifer aniston sweating miserably in a hospital bed and looking at a birthday cake in cake

    Here, Aniston visits the location where her friend died by suicide:

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    10. Keanu Reeves

    Cool, bohemian Reeve rides a motorcycle with an equally cool River Phoenix on the back in my own private idaho

    Here, Reeves and Phoenix have an emotional fireside chat in My Own Private Idaho:

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    marco antonio / youtube.com

    11. Thandiwe Newton

    Thandiwe Newton cries in a police officer's arms in crash

    Here, Newton is trapped in a car crash and the police officer who previously sexually assaulted her is first on the scene to help in Crash:

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    12. Delroy Lindo

    Lindo screams, afraid, as he prepares to pull his son off a landmine in Da 5 Bloods

    Here, Lindo fights to save his son who has stepped on a landmine in Da 5 Bloods:

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    13. Jamie Lee Curtis

    Curtis crying in the film true lies

    Here, Curtis reveals she still loves her husband in True Lies:

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    14. Kevin Bacon

    Bacon smiles as the prisoner in murder in the first with stained teeth

    Here, Bacon emotionally lashes out about spending three years in solitary confinement:

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    15. Emily Blunt

    Blunt labors in a tub in the quiet place

    Here, Blunt labors to give birth to baby Abbot while being hunted by creatures:

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    16. Oscar Isaac

    Isaac looks out the window of a subway sadly in inside llewyn davis

    Here, Isaac is confronted about his poor choices and lack of direction in life:

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    Do you have a favorite, deserving actor who has never been nominated for an Academy Award? Let us know in the comments!