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We Want To Hear Something You Did On A Date That Was So, So Awkward

You know, that thing you still think about and cringe.

Let’s be real: Dating, by definition, is awkward.


Spending hours with someone you just met, telling them everything about yourself, and eating food in front of them? Awkward, awkward, awkward!

But sometimes people do things on dates that take the awkwardness to a whole other level! And, no offense, but I’m betting you have a story like that to tell.

For example, maybe you didn't know what to say so you asked your date a really, really awkward question:

FRIEND: Just don’t make things awkward on the first date ME: I’m never awkward [later] HER: [to waiter] I’ll get the- ME: Is your dad still dead

Or maybe you were overcome by serious stomach issues and had no chill about having to get to a bathroom:

Poopouri / Via

It's also possible that — for some reason — you started shooting finger guns at your date and just couldn't stop:


Or perhaps you opened your purse and something mortifying like Preparation H popped out:


Whatever incredibly awkward thing you did on a date, we want to hear it! Share it in the comments below and it could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!