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    16 Moms Having Bad Days That Made Me Go, "Well, That Sucks"

    Moms deserve better.

    1. The mom who was super excited for the cat post she ordered...until it arrived:

    2. The mom who tried to cook a turkey for the whole family:

    3. The mom who lost her credit card...and then found it:

    4. The mom who made the mistake of trusting her son to carry the cake she worked all day making:

    5. And the mom who made the mistake of trusting herself to carry the potato salad she made:

    6. The mom who found out her kid is 100% going to fail:

    7. The mom who slammed the car door on her phone:

    8. The obviously not-quite-awake mom who made this coffee fail:

    9. The mom who took a tumble at the mall and set off this chain reaction:

    10. And the mom whose closet bar broke, resulting in, well:

    11. The mom who returned home from a rare weekend away to discover this note from her daughter:

    12. And the mom who returned to the car to discover her kid had found a sharpie:

    13. The mom who just wanted some damn apple slices:

    14. The mom who spent more than two hours sewing this before spotting the mistake:

    15. The mom who momentarily freaked when she was mistakenly sent a letter asking her to verify her (very much alive) son's death:

    16. And the poor mom who came home to discover this intruder in her home:

    H/T: r/Wellthatsucks