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    Posted on Feb 3, 2014

    23 Moments That Make Being A Dad Totally Worth It

    Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad.

    1. Meeting your child for the first time.

    Flickr: idfonline / Via Creative Commons

    It's truly magical.

    2. Late night feedings.

    Flickr: spamily / Via Creative Commons

    When all of the world is asleep except for you and your baby your heart swells in the most incredible of ways.

    3. The first steps.

    Flickr: seandreilinger / Via Creative Commons

    It's awe-inspiring to see your child go from a baby blob to an actual, walking person.

    4. Holding hands.

    Flickr: freeformkatia / Via Creative Commons

    There's nothing quite like that little hand in yours.

    5. Coming home.

    Flickr: dani0010 / Via Creative Commons

    Seeing your kids shout "Dad!" as they sprint to the front door is the purest of joys.

    6. When your child turns to you for comfort.

    Flickr: mommypants / Via Creative Commons

    Being able to right whatever is wrong? Awesome.

    7. Sharing ice cream.

    Flickr: atc / Via Creative Commons

    It's so much more than just ice cream.

    8. Cuddles.

    Flickr: faby74 / Via Creative Commons

    Every single one.

    9. When your child is your little mini-me.

    10. And when they amaze you by excelling at something you never could.

    Flickr: oudeschool / Via Creative Commons

    11. Being presented with a special drawing.

    Flickr: forthefunofit / Via Creative Commons

    12. When they make you laugh.

    Flickr: foshydog / Via Creative Commons

    Kids are freaking hilarious.

    13. Enjoying a movie together.

    Flickr: clover_1 / Via Creative Commons

    The movies are rarely any good but you don't care one bit.

    14. Watching your child find their star quality.

    Flickr: dboz / Via Creative Commons

    15. And their competitor within.

    Flickr: clappstar / Via Creative Commons

    Even if it usually happens at an ungodly hour.

    16. Sharing something you love.

    Flickr: warriorpoet / Via Creative Commons

    Introducing your little Robin to Batman (or Star Wars, baseball, rock n' roll, pizza, etc.) is a thrill.

    17. Celebrating the holidays.

    Flickr: celinesphotographer / Via Creative Commons

    You get to experience the magic all over again.

    18. When you become your child's teacher.

    Flickr: sahdblunders / Via Creative Commons

    19. And, in turn, when they become yours.

    Flickr: mrsparkle / Via Creative Commons

    20. Watching your child do good for others.

    Flickr: heraldpost / Via Creative Commons

    It's extra gratifying when someone compliments you on what a good kid you have.

    21. When your child comes to you for advice.

    Flickr: nathaliewilson / Via Creative Commons

    Especially when you're able to help them because you've been there yourself.

    22. Seeing your child become an adult who accomplishes something.

    Michael Dalder / Reuters

    23. And when you realize that all your hard work and sacrifice mean you're always there for those you love most.

    Flickr: glorifytwism / http://w / Via Creative Commons

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