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    23 Moments That Make Being A Dad Totally Worth It

    Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad.

    1. Meeting your child for the first time.

    2. Late night feedings.

    3. The first steps.

    4. Holding hands.

    5. Coming home.

    6. When your child turns to you for comfort.

    7. Sharing ice cream.

    8. Cuddles.

    9. When your child is your little mini-me.

    10. And when they amaze you by excelling at something you never could.

    11. Being presented with a special drawing.

    12. When they make you laugh.

    13. Enjoying a movie together.

    14. Watching your child find their star quality.

    15. And their competitor within.

    16. Sharing something you love.

    17. Celebrating the holidays.

    18. When you become your child's teacher.

    19. And, in turn, when they become yours.

    20. Watching your child do good for others.

    21. When your child comes to you for advice.

    22. Seeing your child become an adult who accomplishes something.

    23. And when you realize that all your hard work and sacrifice mean you're always there for those you love most.

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