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    This Mom Makes The Most Stunningly Creative Meals For Her Kids And You Just Have To See This

    Next level doesn't even begin to describe the food she makes.

    As a dad who mainly makes my kids meals that are passable but definitely not Instagram-worthy, I am in awe of parents who transform their kids' meals into works of art that elicit gasps of joy (instead of cries of "This again?!").

    Well, I may have come across the most awe-inspiring parent chef yet — a Japanese mother of three girls (ages 12, 10, and 8) who posts incredible creations under the name Etoni Mama.

    I mean, look at how she transformed these kiwis into Mike Wazowskis from Monsters, Inc.!

    And check out how she made these impossibly cute cookies of the anthropomorphized bao bun from the award-winning Pixar short Bao!

    Etoni Mama — who teaches nursery school in Tokyo — told BuzzFeed that she initially started getting creative with her kids' food in an effort to interest her picky-eating second child.

    Etoni Mama says her creations have definitely made her second daughter more excited about food — it's worked for her other girls too.

    She adds that while they all love to eat the food, her girls feel some creations are better than others. "They have opinions, like 'That doesn't look similar to the real thing' or 'That's good! Do more like that!'"

    Now, if you're wondering how she comes up with her ideas (as I was before I asked her), she said she generally looks at her food ingredients and tries to imagine what character they look like.

    For example, she says "I was looking at an egg yolk and suddenly saw it as Winnie the Pooh's stomach."

    Corn also inspired these Winnie the Poohs.

    So how long does it take her to make each of these? She sets aside a lot of time to cook, but aims to finish each one in an hour's time.

    This awesome Duke Caboom sandwich was made in an hour? Now THAT is impressive!

    She adds that "cooking is a lot of fun," so it doesn't sound like she minds the extra time it takes to put these together.

    As you've seen, she makes a lot of Disney/Pixar creations, but she finds inspiration elsewhere too. For example, these cookies are of Domo, the official mascot of Japan's public broadcaster, NHK.

    She made this meal of a man giving Mimosa flowers to a woman in honor of the United Nations' International Women's Day.

    And she's even made cookies to look like Amazon packages!

    But while all of her work is great, the Disney/Pixar ones are really fantastic, aren't they? Like, do you think she'd invite me over and make me one of these Jack-Jack from The Incredibles–themed omelettes?

    Or this melon transformed into Rex from Toy Story?

    Or how about this Jabba the Hut made out of avocado? Wow!

    Want more Etoni Mama? She has a Japanese-language book of her culinary creations that you can get here. And, of course, you can follow her on Instagram to see what she does next!