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17 Milestones That Prove You're Becoming A Veteran Parent

Yeah, you've got this.

1. The first time a newer parent asks you for advice and you get to play the wise, old expert.

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2. When you check some kids in public using only your mom or dad look.

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Whoa! It's like a super power!

3. The first time you drop your kid off at school looking like crap and don't care who sees you.


4. When you realize something you do is actually a pretty awesome parent hack.


You're like, "Should I put this on Pinterest?"

5. When you stop poking your baby to make sure they’re breathing.

Flickr: tamakisono / Via Creative Commons

6. When you realize you know all of the character's names on all of your kid’s favorite shows.


You don't even know your own shows this well.

7. When you find the strength to finally use the Nose Frida.

8. When someone needs something random and you’re able to produce it from the archives of your purse.

Or from the trunk of your car.

9. When you catch your kid’s puke in your hands for the first time.


10. When you successfully sneak-eat candy right under your kids' noses.


11. The first time you're able to cut your baby's nails without crying.

Comedy Central

Of course, you still sweat through it because... stressful.

12. When you stop using a diaper bag and go out in public with a regular, ol' bag.

Flickr: robnas / Via Creative Commons

13. The first time your kid falls down and you don’t lose it.


Extra points for saying the very parent-like "Brush it off!"

14. When you actually remember to put your phone on guided access before you give it to your kid.

Flickr: viviannguyen / Via Creative Commons

15. When you make a joke and someone groans, "Ugh! Such a dad joke!"

Or "Such a mom joke!" which is equally as awesome.

16. When you pull off a standing diaper change somewhere that doesn't have a changing table.


17. And when you make the responsible decision to go to bed early instead of binge watching Netflix so you’re not a zombie the next day.


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