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    17 Hilarious "Before And After Kids" Photos That'll Make You Say, "That's About Right"

    It's like two totally different lives, to be honest.

    1. A LOT changes after you have kids:

    2. Having people over, for example, is VERY different:

    3. That's largely because your home looks different:

    4. And we mean EVERY PART OF YOUR HOME:

    5. Your car looks different too:

    6. Even YOU look different! And it happens fast:

    7. And the more kids you have...

    8. ...the more it changes you:

    9. Your selfies look different too:

    10. When you go to the pool, the experience just isn't the same:

    11. After kids you take trips, not vacations:

    12. Because they can be a LOT:

    13. You still have your friends, but things are a little different:

    14. And until you actually ARE a parent you can't imagine any of this:

    15. Even language changes after kids:

    16. For example, "sleeping in" has a very different meaning before and after kids:

    17. But in the end it's all good because you LOVE your little troublemakers, and while things may have changed, you're still the same you...pretty much: