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What's Something About Living With A New Baby You Wish You'd Been Told Ahead Of Time?

A baby is the wildest new roommate you'll ever have.

Living with a new baby is an experience unlike any other. One day, there’s no baby in your home, and the next you’re cohabiting with a living, breathing, crying, and pooping tiny YOU are in charge of!

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So, parents who have been through it, we want to know: What’s something you discovered about life with a new baby that you wish you'd been told before you brought yours home?

For example, maybe you wish you’d been warned about how baby poop gets into baby vaginas and all over baby balls, and its your job to clean it out.

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Yeah, you knew you’d have to change diapers, but to quote Friends — “No one told you it was gonna be this way!”

Or maybe you wish someone told you that not everyone feels that overwhelming rush of love toward their baby right away, and it's just part of the parenting journey for some, so don’t beat yourself up over it.

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Maybe you wish someone had told you that — considering new parents deal with postpartum depression, sleep exhaustion, and physical challenges — it is just as important to take care of yourself as your baby.

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Or maybe you just wish someone told you not to blow so much damn money on baby clothes because babies grow out of clothes super, super, SUPER fast!

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Whatever it is you think parents-to-be should know about getting through those difficult early months with a baby, we want to hear it! Share it in the comments below, and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!