27 Adorable Harry Potter Things Your Baby Needs

It’s Gryffindorable.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. These Gryffindor leg warmers.

Check out those capes on the back of each leg warmer. Get a pair here for $10.

2. You’re going to need these Slytherin leg warmers too.

Get them here for $15.

3. This flying key and broom mobile.

Perfect to hang over your future wizard’s crib. Get it here for $45.

4. Don’t worry, Slytherins. We’ve got you covered, too.

Get this custom-made mobile — featuring Snape, Voldemort, Draco and Lucius Malfoy as a Death Eater — here for $95.

5. These adorable Gryffindor booties.

Get them here for $5.47.

6. And, of course, these Slytherin booties.

Get them here for $38.

7. These baby shoes with Harry’s face on them are pretty awesome, too.

Get them here for $18.

8. This beautiful, handmade quilt.

Want one featuring Ron, Hermione, or another Hogwarts character? They can do that! Order yours here for $245.

9. This wall decal featuring Dumbledore’s timeless wisdom.

Order it here for $12.99.

10. This art print — featuring Dobby and a message about the importance of friends — is also ideal for a baby room.

Order yours here from $19.

11. This onesie featuring an epic play-on-words.

Get it here for $10. There’s a version for “she who has just been named” too found here.

12. This play-on-words is pretty great, too.

Get it here for $23.99.

13. This heartwarming onesie.

Order it here for $14.99.

14. This snuggly onesie.

Get it here for $10.

15. This onesie that lets your baby rep their future school.

Get it here for $19.95.

16. And this onesie that never forgets.

Get it here for $14.99.

17. This baby-sized Gryffindor uniform.

Order it here for $49+.

18. Your baby’s new best friend — this crocheted Dobby doll.

Get it here for $45.

19. Or perhaps your baby would prefer a Mandrake?

Get it here for $30.

20. These Harry, Hermione, and Ron plushies are pretty irresistible.

Get them here for $49.

21. Cloth diapering? If so, check this one out.

Watch your baby magically fill it up! Order one here for $33.50.

22. This “Muggle on Board” decal for the car.

Order it here for $6.

23. This knitted baby blanket.

Keep your baby (or, er, doll) warm and bundled. Order one here for $84.99+.

24. This bib that’s guaranteed to make Potterites smile.

Get it here for $10.

25. This pun-tastic bib.

It reads: “If you don’t get my Harry Potter references then there is something Siriusly Ron with you!” Order one here for $11.95.

26. This bib that understands babies.

Order one here for $9.99.

27. And this hilariously prescient burp cloth.

Order one here for $12.

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