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    37 Food Hacks Discovered By Real People That Are Borderline Genius

    'Scuse me while I go try ALL of these.

    1. Keep your avocado fresh longer by storing it with an onion:

    This works because onions contain sulfur, which slows the ripening process.

    2. Anchor your strainer using a spoon out of the utensil drawer:

    3. Use a waffle iron to make grilled cheese — it's quicker, less messy, and leaves holes to soak up your soup:

    Want to know exactly how to do this? Here's a recipe that looks pretty darn good.

    Want to take this idea to the next level? Use a waffle iron to make grilled cheeses...using actual waffles:

    View this video on YouTube

    4. Keep your ice cream cold — and your hands warm — by putting your pint in a koozie:

    5. Steam vegetables at the same time as you cook pasta:

    6. Keep the dishwashing to a minimum by using a muffin tin to hold your taco toppings:

    7. Want easier-to-eat s'mores? Make them in ice cream cones:

    Here's an easy recipe to make this magic happen.

    8. Eat frozen pizza one slice at a time by using an air fryer:

    9. Here's another frozen pizza hack — cook two in the oven at the same time:

    10. This hack lets you toast buns on a conventional oven:

    11. Grapes + lemon juice + gelatin mix = "Sour Patch Kids" candy grapes:

    Here's a video that will show you how to make these!

    View this video on YouTube

    12. Use empty ketchup squeeze bottles to make perfectly shaped pancakes with less mess:

    13. Speaking of less's a genius way to ice sugar over pastries, cookies, or cakes with almost no cleanup:

    14. Use a wine bottle to make homemade ravioli:

    15. Keep a bag of chips from ripping up the wazoo with a little help from a hole punch:

    16. Use an apple corer to make impressive-looking roast potatoes:

    Looks pretty cool, huh?

    U/CraftyHolic / Via

    Something to note: Potatoes are harder than apples, so it's more difficult to core them — which increases the chances of you cutting yourself or breaking your corer. So be careful if you try this! One great suggestion from the Reddit thread is to boil your potatoes for half an hour to soften them before coring.

    17. Cook bacon on a rack in your oven for easier cleanup — and for crispier, less greasy slices:

    18. You can also weave your bacon like a basket to make the world's best bacon burger or BLT:

    Here's a video that shows you how to do it!

    View this video on YouTube

    19. One more bacon hack — use it in place of cooking twine:

    20. I lied, here's one last bacon hack — cut and freeze bacon so you can eat exactly how much you want when you want it, and not have to cook the whole pound all at once:

    21. Making pizza bagels? Put pepperoni over the bagel hole to a) stop cheese from melting though and sticking to the pan, and b) seriously upgrade the yumminess:

    22. Use a mason jar lid to make perfectly shaped black bean burgers:

    Here's a tasty recipe for making A+ black bean burgers.

    23. You can also use a mason jar lid ring to cook the perfect egg round for your breakfast sammie:

    24. Don't have a mason jar lid? You can also make a stellar egg round using an onion ring:

    25. Turn any cake mix into cookie dough by adding two eggs and half a cup of oil:

    Here's a more in-depth recipe to show you how to do this!

    26. Tired of all the fixings falling out of your burger? Wrap a piece of lettuce around the back end to keep it all in place:

    27. Use a binder clip to revolutionize how you store your beer:

    28. Throw down lemon slices to keep your fish from burning and sticking to your grill (added bonus: extra flavor!):

    29. Cook chicken Kiev with a piece of bread underneath to yield a bonus slice of garlic bread:

    30. Seriously upgrade your iced coffee by making coffee ice cubes:

    31. Tic Tac dispensers are great for storing spices...especially in smaller kitchens:

    32. A vegetable peeler can double as a cheese grater in a pinch:

    33. You can "bread" chicken with crushed, dried edamame for a carb-friendly treat:

    34. Use a baby monitor (LOL) to keep an eye on the temperature on a grill or smoker while you do other things:

    35. Upgrade your grilled cheese by spreading mayo — instead of butter — on the bread:

    36. Mix cereals to make your bowl the exact level of sweetness you desire:

    37. And lastly, use chopsticks to end Cheeto-dust fingers forever:

    HT: r/foodhacks