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    19 Life-Changing Food Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

    'Scuse me while I go try ALL of these.

    If you like food hacks as much as I do, r/foodhacks is a must visit. Here are some of the most incredible "I need to try that...NOW!" hacks I found there. Enjoy!

    1. Use a wine bottle to make homemade ravioli:

    2. Cook two frozen pizzas at the same time:

    3. Grapes + lemon juice + gelatin mix = "Sour Patch Kids" candy grapes:

    4. Weave your bacon like a basket to make the world's best bacon burger or BLT:

    5. Making pizza bagels? Put pepperoni over the bagel hole to a) stop cheese from melting though and sticking to the pan, and b) seriously upgrade the yumminess:

    6. Use a Mason jar lid ring to cook the perfect egg round for your breakfast sammie:

    7. You can also make a stellar egg round using an onion ring:

    8. Tired of all the fixings falling out of your burger? Wrap a piece of lettuce around the back end to keep them in place:

    9. Turn any cake mix into cookie dough by adding two eggs and half a cup of oil:

    10. Use a binder clip to revolutionize how you store your beer:

    11. Throw down lemon slices to keep your fish from burning and sticking to your grill (added bonus: extra flavor!):

    12. Cooking chicken Kiev with a piece of bread underneath will yield a bonus slice of garlic bread:

    13. Seriously upgrade your iced coffee by making coffee ice cubes:

    14. Tic Tac dispensers are great for storing spices...especially in smaller kitchens:

    15. A vegetable peeler can double as a cheese grater in a pinch:

    16. Try "breading" chicken with crushed, dried edamame for a healthier treat:

    17. Use a baby monitor (LOL) to keep an eye on the temperature on a grill or smoker while you do other things:

    18. Upgrade your grilled cheese by spreading mayo — instead of butter — on the bread:

    19. And lastly, chopsticks are the answer to ending Cheeto-dust fingers forever: