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    26 Unintentionally Bad, Kinda Wrong, Or Just Plain Funny Things Kids Drew Or Wrote

    When these kids write, they're wrong.

    As young Homer so perfectly illustrates here, kids should be kept far away from all writing utensils.


    Ok, maybe that's a bit extreme. But when kids write or draw something, it can be — phew — an ADVENTURE. Check out what I mean:

    1. This kid went to school and shared this not-at-all embarrassing gem:

    2. This kid, uh, drew a camel:

    3. And this kid made a holiday card that is totally innocent and if you see anything different it's on you, you sicko:

    (Just kidding I totally see it too.)

    4. This kid gave the family dog a mustache:

    5. And this kid gave theirs eyebrows:

    6. This kid "finished" their cousin's Captain Marvel drawing:

    7. And this 9-year-old didn't quite understand the question:

    8. This 4-year-old, meanwhile, drew a portrait that really captured his aunt, lol:

    9. These kids also did portraits of their aunt (here's hoping she looks more like the one on the left than the right IRL):

    10. And this kid drew her dad with about 11% of his dignity:

    11. OK, look, we're just going to have a giant section of drawings that look like penises in the middle of this post because kids draw a lot of them, m'kay? Here's an, uh, dolphin:

    12. This kid drew a very endowed rainbow heart:

    13. This kid drew — checks notes — a river and lake:

    14. This kid drew herself playing guitar:

    Hard rock music?

    15. This kid drew some "at attention" snowmen:

    16. This kid drew a baby in utero and "the tube that feeds the baby":

    17. This kid drew an (erupting...had to say it) volcano:

    18. And this 4-year-old drew...a penis. Yup, no awkward "that looks like a penis" misunderstanding here, it's a penis:

    19. This kid got an Etch A Sketch and used it to draw a cat...throwing up:

    20. This kid wrote about what's important in life:

    21. And this kid drew...on their parent's MacBook:

    22. This kid wrote a protest acronym:

    23. This kid drew...something actually pretty funny:

    24. And this kid drew her family on bicycles...wait, they look like penises. I guess I should've put this one in the penis section but there's just too many of these damn things:

    Kids, what's with all the accidental penises? You know what you're doing, don't you?

    25. This kid drew a ghost that's part Groucho Marx, part David Bowie:

    26. And lastly, this kid didn't draw this — his friend Kevin did — but his mom thought he did and got a tattoo of it...not realizing it was the handiwork of Kevin and not her own kid.

    When she found out the truth I'm betting she looked a little something like this:

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