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    13 April Fools' Pranks That Nice Parents Would Never, Ever Pull On Their Kids

    Really, please don't pull these on your kids...unless they deserve it.

    Hey, parents, are you sure you don't want to pull some easy and harmless pranks on your kids instead? No? Damn, you're hardcore! OK, here are some hard-hitting pranks for badass kids who can handle them!

    1. Tell your kid you have bad news, then show them this (or something like it) on your Facebook feed.

    HERE'S THE KEY, THOUGH! When you upload it to your Facebook page, click the blue "Public" button and change "Who gets to see this?" to "Only me." That way no one but you and your kid will see the prank article.

    2. Put a "giant beetle" (cut out from black paper) behind your kid's lamp shade.

    3. Swap out your family's orange juice with this stomach-turning drink.

    4. Use old clothes to create a stranger on the toilet for your (hopefully older) kid to find.

    5. Try tricking your kid into thinking you have an infestation problem by using a beetroot with a tail (or a potato and some string).

    6. Use your phone (and an app) to trick your kid into thinking you shaved off some of their hair!

    (OK, parents, I kind of feel bad for suggesting these! Can we again direct you to some easy and harmless kid pranks?)

    7. Put a “sold” sign in your front yard.

    8. Put a "surprise" in the mailbox.

    9. Serve up some "spider chip cookies.”

    10. OK, this one is probably going too far! But I suppose if you have a teenager with a good sense of humor you could maybe pull this Play-Doh gum prank. I mean, maybe.

    (Important note: Before pulling any of these remember that your kids will likely make your care choices when you're old!)

    11. Tape a photo of Pennywise to your kid's window.

    12. Put a scary mask on your kid's pillow so it's the first thing they see when they wake up.

    13. Or — if you really want to go for it — serve cake!

    (Last chance to do a harmless prank instead, parents!)