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17 LOL-Worthy Kid Jokes You Are Totally Going To Steal

Pretty funny, kid. Pretty... pretty... pretty funny.

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1. This joke that's a real Winnie-er.

2. And this one that sneaks up on you.

way2gomom / Via

3. This upgraded "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke.

4. This one you're 92% likely to tell at some point.

5. This dino-mite funny.

6. This joke that probably got some kid grounded.

7. This punny one.

treehugger0013 / Via

8. This groaner.

9. This one that rightly cracked up the kid who told it.

10. This yuck that's a little fishy.

dreamidare / Via

11. This gem.

12. This one that's a little hokey.

moniquesmoments / Via

13. And this one that's for the birds.

14. Entry #1 into the Bee Joke Hall of Fame.

15. And entry #2.

16. This bathroom humor.

littlelunchletters / Via

17. And this joke that's out of sight.

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