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    17 LOL-Worthy Kid Jokes You Are Totally Going To Steal

    Pretty funny, kid. Pretty... pretty... pretty funny.

    1. This joke that's a real Winnie-er.

    2. And this one that sneaks up on you.

    3. This upgraded "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke.

    4. This one you're 92% likely to tell at some point.

    5. This dino-mite funny.

    6. This joke that probably got some kid grounded.

    7. This punny one.

    8. This groaner.

    9. This one that rightly cracked up the kid who told it.

    10. This yuck that's a little fishy.

    11. This gem.

    12. This one that's a little hokey.

    13. And this one that's for the birds.

    14. Entry #1 into the Bee Joke Hall of Fame.

    15. And entry #2.

    16. This bathroom humor.

    17. And this joke that's out of sight.