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    John Lennon And Paul McCartney Jammed Together Four Years After The Beatles Broke Up

    Not only did this actually happen, but you can listen to it right now.

    In 1970, after completing recording of the classic album, Abbey Road, The Beatles broke up.

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    The split was acrimonious, and drove a wedge between John and Paul, who had been collaborators and best buds since they were teenagers.

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    By 1974, though, things had cooled off enough that the former partners were able to hang out in Los Angeles, where John was producing a Harry Nilsson album.

    May Pang

    Above is the last known photo of John and Paul, taken by May Pang.

    John invited Paul to drop by the sessions for what would become Nilsson's Pussy Cats, and soon they were jamming!

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    John sang and played guitar, while Paul sang and played drums.

    To make things ever crazier, Stevie Wonder was there and joined in on keyboards!

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    The jam has never been officially released, but if you know where to look (like - ahem - directly below) you can find it.

    View this video on YouTube

    The recording may be rough, but it's nice to know that John and Paul got over their differences and had one last jam together, don't you think?

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