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Jimmy Fallon Asked People About Their Worst Halloween Costumes, And The Results Were Just Too Funny

"I dressed as Ariana Grande. On the street, a kid yelled, 'Look mom, it's old Ariana!'"

Just about everyone loves the hashtags segment on The Tonight Show, and this week Jimmy Fallon was at it again with a hashtag just for Halloween: #MyWorstCostume.


Here are the most hilarious — and cringeworthy — bad costumes people tweeted at Jimmy:


we ....did not place, but if this does make it on jimmy fallon this may be redemption


When we were little, my dad made all of our costumes to enter contests. 1 yr I got to be matchbox (every kids’ dream).Well while standing in the driveway the wind blew...I laid in the driveway crying as I blew over and couldn’t get back up. #MyWorstCostume #blewawaythecompetiton


@jimmyfallon I went as a hand last Halloween and spent the whole night getting hit in the face. #MyWorstCostume


#MyWorstCostume Number 3: Cousin It. I used leftover plastic hula skirts from my sister’s luau themed birthday party. I wore this to school all day.


I was supposed to be a Roy Lichtenstein painting, but everyone thought I was Ebola #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon One year for Halloween, I wanted to be a night stand, so I made the table, and wore a lampshade on my head. Everyone called me “one night stand”🙃 #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon When I was in 4th grade, I wore this to a kids Halloween party. One girl cried so much that my parents put a plastic bag over his head. #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon 2017 we all went out as a family group of superheroes. Superman, super girl and wonder woman. At the last second, my youngest (2 at the time) demanded she dress as poop... #myworstcostume


@jimmyfallon My mom convinced my brother and I to dress up as Sarah Palin and John McCain when we were in elementary school. #MyWorstCostume


I went as a hashtag in 2010 and everything thought I was a tic tac toe board. Strangers kept trying to fill me in with a sharpie. #MyWorstCostume


@FallonTonight My freshman year of college I saw an ad for a costume contest on campus I didn't know until I arrived that it was a Japanese Anime themed contest, and I showed up dressed as a ceiling fan. #MyWorstCostume


My grandmother wrapped my cousin up in tinfoil for Halloween and said he was a “Hershey Kiss” but everyone else thought he was leftovers. #myworstcostume


I'm a teacher, and our school Halloween parade was that day. I grabbed a cat costume from the first store I passed. Halfway through the parade, another teacher told me it said "NAUGHTY LITTLE KITTY" on the back. #MyWorstCostume @FallonTonight


In college some friends told me that everyone was going to go all out for the costume contest at a Halloween party. Turns out there was no contest and this alien stood out among the sexy cats and bunnies #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon One year i went to a Halloween party dressed as Where’s Waldo, I got locked outside and nobody came to look for me because they thought I was just messing around #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon @jimmyfallon my friend @brcourt tried dressing as The Penguin from Batman Returns and we just called him Demented Ben Franklin all night. #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon In 5th grade I begged my mom to let me dress up like a bag of garbage. She was mortified but went along with and even made a banana peel for my head. It was the “trashiest” thing I’ve ever worn 😂#MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon I told my mom that i didn't know what i wanted to be for Halloween. She got frustrated so she put a hat on my head and said I was going out as my brother. #MyWorstCostume


#MyWorstCostume I’ll still never be as cool as I was in 4th grade when I dressed up like a table for Halloween. This was my both my lowest point and my peak in life lmao


My friend thought it would be a good idea to dress up as a ghost. She looks like a bottle of WhiteOut. #MyWorstCostume @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight


#MyWorstCostume I dressed as Ariana Grande for a Halloween party. On the street, a kid yelled, "Look mom, it's old Ariana!"

You can checkout the full segment here:

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