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Updated on Oct 30, 2019. Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Jimmy Fallon Asked People About Their Worst Halloween Costumes, And The Results Were Just Too Funny

"I dressed as Ariana Grande. On the street, a kid yelled, 'Look mom, it's old Ariana!'"

Just about everyone loves the hashtags segment on The Tonight Show, and this week Jimmy Fallon was at it again with a hashtag just for Halloween: #MyWorstCostume.


Here are the most hilarious — and cringeworthy — bad costumes people tweeted at Jimmy:


we ....did not place, but if this does make it on jimmy fallon this may be redemption


When we were little, my dad made all of our costumes to enter contests. 1 yr I got to be matchbox (every kids’ dream).Well while standing in the driveway the wind blew...I laid in the driveway crying as I blew over and couldn’t get back up. #MyWorstCostume #blewawaythecompetiton


@jimmyfallon I went as a hand last Halloween and spent the whole night getting hit in the face. #MyWorstCostume


#MyWorstCostume Number 3: Cousin It. I used leftover plastic hula skirts from my sister’s luau themed birthday party. I wore this to school all day.


I was supposed to be a Roy Lichtenstein painting, but everyone thought I was Ebola #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon One year for Halloween, I wanted to be a night stand, so I made the table, and wore a lampshade on my head. Everyone called me “one night stand”🙃 #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon When I was in 4th grade, I wore this to a kids Halloween party. One girl cried so much that my parents put a plastic bag over his head. #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon 2017 we all went out as a family group of superheroes. Superman, super girl and wonder woman. At the last second, my youngest (2 at the time) demanded she dress as poop... #myworstcostume


@jimmyfallon My mom convinced my brother and I to dress up as Sarah Palin and John McCain when we were in elementary school. #MyWorstCostume


I went as a hashtag in 2010 and everything thought I was a tic tac toe board. Strangers kept trying to fill me in with a sharpie. #MyWorstCostume


@FallonTonight My freshman year of college I saw an ad for a costume contest on campus I didn't know until I arrived that it was a Japanese Anime themed contest, and I showed up dressed as a ceiling fan. #MyWorstCostume


My grandmother wrapped my cousin up in tinfoil for Halloween and said he was a “Hershey Kiss” but everyone else thought he was leftovers. #myworstcostume


I'm a teacher, and our school Halloween parade was that day. I grabbed a cat costume from the first store I passed. Halfway through the parade, another teacher told me it said "NAUGHTY LITTLE KITTY" on the back. #MyWorstCostume @FallonTonight


In college some friends told me that everyone was going to go all out for the costume contest at a Halloween party. Turns out there was no contest and this alien stood out among the sexy cats and bunnies #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon One year i went to a Halloween party dressed as Where’s Waldo, I got locked outside and nobody came to look for me because they thought I was just messing around #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon @jimmyfallon my friend @brcourt tried dressing as The Penguin from Batman Returns and we just called him Demented Ben Franklin all night. #MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon In 5th grade I begged my mom to let me dress up like a bag of garbage. She was mortified but went along with and even made a banana peel for my head. It was the “trashiest” thing I’ve ever worn 😂#MyWorstCostume


@jimmyfallon I told my mom that i didn't know what i wanted to be for Halloween. She got frustrated so she put a hat on my head and said I was going out as my brother. #MyWorstCostume


#MyWorstCostume I’ll still never be as cool as I was in 4th grade when I dressed up like a table for Halloween. This was my both my lowest point and my peak in life lmao


My friend thought it would be a good idea to dress up as a ghost. She looks like a bottle of WhiteOut. #MyWorstCostume @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight


#MyWorstCostume I dressed as Ariana Grande for a Halloween party. On the street, a kid yelled, "Look mom, it's old Ariana!"

You can checkout the full segment here:

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