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    21 Jerk Moves Other Parents Make

    Just because they're parents doesn't mean you have to like them.

    1. Doing nothing when their kid misbehaves right in front of them.

    2. Taking their 6-year-old to see an R-rated movie.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Just because it's got a stuffed bear in it doesn't make it OK.

    3. Doing their kid's science project entirely by themselves.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Congratulations on winning first prize at the science fair, sir! You must feel so good about besting all those 9-year-olds!

    4. Getting drunk at the block party.

    Oh joy. Now we've got to worry about watching our kid AND yours.

    5. Making passive-aggressive social media updates.

    Facebook / Via

    Gee, I guess you really are the greatest mom of them all, Jennifer!

    6. Getting their flirt on with your spouse. / Via

    Are you serious? I'm standing RIGHT HERE!

    7. Inviting your kid to a birthday party at Disneyland but not paying for their ticket.

    Disney / Via

    You really couldn't think of a birthday party that didn't involve me forking over $92?

    8. Talking trash about you and your kid to other parents.

    Fox / Via

    What is this? High school?

    9. Not listening to the rules and sending their kid to school with candy to hand out on Valentine's Day.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    What part of "no candy" did you not understand?

    10. Acting like a psychopath at their kid's sporting events.

    They're 7-year-olds, so you might want to consider dialing it down, m'kay?

    11. Coaching Little League and making their uncoordinated kid the shortstop and cleanup hitter.

    And then naming him to the all-star team.

    12. Giving unsolicited parenting advice.


    Gee, can you please tell me why you think I'm parenting wrong?

    13. Spouting off about a bunch of stuff you don't agree with in front of your kid.

    Associated Press / Via

    Keep it to yourself, professor.

    14. Asking a dad who's out alone with his kids if he's "babysitting."

    PBS / Via

    Parenting, babysitting, whatever.

    15. Telling a professional woman, "It must be hard being away from the kids all day and not feeling like a real mom.”

    Showtime / Via

    16. Bragging about how incredible their kids are without asking about yours.

    17. Saying stuff like, "He’s just really bored in class because he’s so gifted."

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    18. Letting their kid have ice cream after all of the other parents told their kids no.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Now every kid but theirs is throwing a tantrum. Suuuuuper.

    19. Dropping their sick kid off at your house for a playdate.

    Flickr: cjsorg

    Who wants to play a game of "Apply the Hand Sanitizer"?

    20. Continuing to text when their kid gets hurt.

    TBS / Via

    "Hold on, Timmy, I just need to type one last 'LOL!'"

    21. Talking down to you like you're one of their kids.

    Nope to all of it, parents.

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