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Is This Pill Bottle The Most Inappropriate Swag Ever?

This questionable item was handed out to parent bloggers at the 2014 BlogHer Conference.

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This past weekend 4,000 women (and a few men) descended upon San Jose, California to attend the annual BlogHer Conference.

The conference - which featured appearances by Kerry Washington, Khloe Kardashian, and Arianna Huffington - is one of the biggest in the nation for female bloggers.

Many of the conference attendees are parent bloggers, which makes the choice of swag given away by the toddler gear and toy company, Bright Starts, rather curious.

The authentic looking pill bottle was filled with candy (Red Hots), and prescribed to "LAUGHTER LOVER" by the 'Bright Starts Pharmacy: Where Fun Begins.'”


The Bright Starts' pill bottles are nearly indistinguishable from actual prescription pill bottles.

Morgan Shanahan wrote about receiving this item (seen on the right in the photo above) on her blog, and how it was concerning to her as a mother who has worked hard to make her four-year-old daughter understand that prescription pill bottles are not for children.

It should be mentioned that these not-for-sale pill bottles were only given to adults (and not children).

Nevertheless, Bright Starts' choice to hand this item out to parents who would be bringing it home to their children, along with branded Teddy Bears and cookies from other companies, is highly questionable.

BuzzFeed reached out to Bright Starts for comment but has yet to receive a response.

BuzzFeed received a response from Miles Bohannan, Vice President of Marketing Communications for Bright Starts:

"Our 'prescription for laughter' in a pill bottle was part of a booth experience designed to support Bright Starts' "Fun Comes First" campaign, which also featured a "Baby Laugh Index" quiz and a "dress as a baby" photo booth— all very tongue-in-cheek reminders of the importance of baby laughter.

Once we realized that the giveaways were concerning to some, we immediately stopped passing them out. We certainly understand and regret any misunderstanding this has caused, and welcome the opportunity to visit further should that be helpful."