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    19 People Who Experienced Instant Regret In The Worst Possible Way

    One second: "Cool, cool, cool." The next: "NOOOOOOO!"

    1. This person who tried to move a couch and, uh...:

    A couch is stuck half in the doorway of a room

    2. And this bank teller who probably still thinks of this when she's trying to sleep:

    I work at a bank and this lady came in with a $150,000 check and to make conversation I was like "oh wow I wish I had one of these" then she deadass was like "it's a life insurance check. I would rather have the person."

    Twitter: @MakVest

    3. This woman who tried to feed the birds like a Disney princess and instantly regretted it:

    4. And this woman who tried to get a cool shot with some pigeons and regretted it just as much:

    5.  Cool selfies with monkeys also = regret:

    6. While we're on the subject of animals, this guy who definitely regretted asking for a selfie with this doggo:

    7. This person who regretted holding this cat:

    8. And this person who regretted going swimming with this doggo:

    9. But hey — in the animals' defense, they can have regrets too:

    10. This person who instantly regretted raging in ALL CAPS:

    11. And this person who instantly regretted their big, dumb fingers:

    12. Then there was this skier who got a little cavalier:

    13. This guy who regretted shaving his beard:

    14. And this kid who regretted asking his mom to cut his hair:

    15. This man who instantly regretted getting buried in the sand when the bird poop hit:

    16. And this cat owner who regretted their choice in table:

    17. This poor soul who instantly regretted this text interaction:

    18. This guy who downed a glass of milk and Pepsi and instantly realized he didn't love it like Laverne:

    19. And this parent who regretted this Christmas present in the worst possible way: