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29 Instagram Kids Who Are Way Cooler Than You

They're so fancy.

1. Mr. Cool by the pool.

2. This boho chic kid with the balance of a gymnast.

3. This kid who somehow looks badass drinking a sippy cup.

4. This cool kid with attitude to spare.

5. The world's most elegant grade schooler.

6. Gwen Stefani's five-year-old soulmate.

7. This Top Gun.

8. This kid who effortlessly poses like a supermodel.

9. This world traveler.

10. This kid wearing heart shaped shades indoors because she can.

11. This kid who is ready for his close-up.

12. This little pink lady.

13. This kid whose hat game is seriously on point.

14. This trendsetter.

15. This heartbreaker.

16. The future of rock.

17. This kid who exclusively listens to vinyl.

18. This girl who is going to take the best selfies.

19. This kid who looks better in his mom's sunglasses than she does. (Sorry, mom.)

20. This kid who demonstrates her mastery of the three levels of cool.

21. This kid who was born to be wild.

22. The queen of the backseat.

23. This kid whose style puts Kanye to shame.

24. This daydreamer.

25. This kid who looks amazing in eyewear.

26. This casually glamorous kid.

27. This kid who needs to be on the cover of a rock album.

28. This cutie in camo.

29. And this suave little dude.