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    23 Rage-Inducing Photos Of People Who Have No Respect For Anyone

    Seriously, things are bad enough without these people.

    As we all know, things haven't been the greatest of late, what with the pandemic and Betty White dying before reaching a hundred but that damn People magazine still coming out with the cover story "Betty White Turns 100!" and making us cry in the checkout line at the supermarket.

    Considering all of that, do we really need people making things even worse by behaving terribly? No, we do not. And yet, these people exist:

    1. This woman who got on a plane knowing full well she'd tested positive for COVID:

    Her text:

    A text reads "We have Covid, shhh, that' why we're coming home a day early, On the plane now"

    2. And this person who got on a plane...and then invaded personal space with their in-need-of-a-manicure feet:

    3. This person who did this to a baby (have they not met a baby? Do they not know babies scratch their faces?):

    4. These people who are straight up selling pizza with rats running on top of it:

    There's a rat on the damn pizza!

    5. This person who seriously tried to sell this story:

    6. "Pee guy" who is seriously just peeing in the sauna over and over and over...:

    7. Some shoplifter who seriously put poor Natalie through this:

    8. This guy who is out there, driving this thing around:

    9. This monster who tried on all these shoes, put none away, and obviously only thinks of themselves:

    10. This person who helped themselves to a free breakfast...and then stuck some poor employee with cleaning up after them:

    11. And these people who, I guess, are just chucking all kinds of items out their apartment windows:

    12. These people who are loud and annoying late at night:

    13. This person who needs to get a damn room and leave the hiking trail alone:

    14. This "influencer" who seriously needs to get out of here with this crap:

    15. This customer who is the one who deserves one star:

    16. Ditto for this gross one-star customer:

    17. This person who seriously did this during rush hour:

    18. This plumber who is kind of funny, TBH, but no one needs to see this:

    19. This online salesman who is selling a shitty chair...literally:

    20. This person who turned a nice picnic table into drug paraphernalia:

    21. This neighbor who is leaving poop...ugh, just read this:

    22. This "funny guy" who deserves a lifetime ban from bowling alleys...and everywhere else, TBH:

    😕 from trashy

    23. And finally, some disrespectful, human trash who graffitied these gravestones (why? Why? WHY?):

    To all of these knuckleheads, on behalf of everyone else in the world, may I say: