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19 Infuriating People Who Actually Exist (I Don't Know How, But They Do)

Who ARE these people?!

1. This diner who left a note reading "I do have COVID-19, so clean this table effectively":

This was posted in as restaurant facebook group from trashy

2. And this diner who tipped their server a fake twenty:

Please don’t leave fake tips i’m trying to go to college from trashy

3. This person who pulled out all these books...then didn't buy or put back any of them:

Did she purchase or put back any of the books?...of course not. from trashy

4. Whoever threw this grandma and her granddaughter a dual birthday party...with these two cakes side-by-side:

u/Betterhuxley115 / Via

5. This schlub who actually think it's a good idea to find his girlfriend a new boyfriend before breaking up with her:

Just break up with dude... from trashy

6. This dad who — come on, man! — actually dressed up like this with his kids:

Matching themed shirts for dad and the kids from trashy

7. This unrepentant date ditcher:

A friend of mine made dinner reservations with a girl he met on Tinder. After waiting an hour at the restaurant, he gave up and went home. He looked her up on Instagram and found this on her stories.. from trashy

8. This ex-roommate who had no qualms moving out and leaving the bathroom looking like this:

How my ex roommate left her bathroom after moving out from trashy

9. And this relative who asked their cousin for a loan on their cousin's wedding day:

Got married this weekend. Amongst all of the messages of congratulations, my wife’s cousin got this one from trashy

10. This person who tosses their dog's poop bag in the same tree every damn day:

Every day this lady walks her dog and throws its poop in the same tree. from trashy

11. Whoever drew a weiner on this stunning bit of nature:

I can’t stand when people spray paint nature from trashy

12. This refined gent:

Displaying your bare feet in a restaurant from trashy

13. And this one too:

Imagine!!! from trashy

14. This sandwich maker who needs a little talking to:

This sandwich from trashy

15. And this aspiring caterer who needs to stop:

🎉😂 from trashy

16. This person who decided to sit on the bacon and make a phone call:

I mean, really , sitting on the bacon so you can take a call ? Some of us were interested in buying that ..... from trashy

17. This person who never heard a conspiracy theory they didn't believe:

a nice vehicle turned into trash from trashy

18. Both "Birthday girl" and "the girl upstairs":

This elevator conversation between two girls in a residential hall from trashy

19. And this brazen fraudster trying to sell a "genuine" autographed Kurt Cobain Funko Pop...despite the fact Cobain died four years before Funko Pop existed:

Fake Kurt Cobain signed toy for sale from trashy

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