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17 New Parenting Products That Are Impressively Clever

It's time to make parenting a little easier.

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3. These adorable plushies that transform into sudsy washcloths in the bath. / Via

All you have to do is "feed" the soap into their mouths, and then get them wet. Ideal for nervous bathers who will love having an "outside of the tub" friend with them when they're inside the tub. Order one from $14.95.


6. These toddler-friendly spoons that allow kids to self-feed as early as possible — without making a huge mess. / Via Instagram: @kizingokids

Kids who can self-feed are less likely to to overeat, and more likely to eat adventurously. Order a right-handed spoon (lefty versions coming later in 2017) for $9.99.


10. This car seat that installs itself — correctly. / Via

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that nearly half of all car seats are installed incorrectly — and that number is even higher among those installed by first-time parents. 4Moms Self-Installing Car Seat allows you to use your smartphone to set the right levels and tension for your child and car. Get one for $499.


12. This next-level piggy bank that lets kids organize their money into "spend," "give," and "save" drawers.

The Piggy Box — which has a companion app — teaches kids sound budgeting principles and the importance of giving at an early age. Pick one of six different boxes for $29.99.

13. This ultimate tracker for parents that lets you stay atop feedings, pumping, medications, diaper changes, weight, naps, and a whole lot more.

It not only keeps track of all things baby, but your sleep and steps too. Project Nursery: Parent + Baby Smartband will be available starting in February 2017 for $149.99.

14. This prenatal protein formula that's full of the nutrients that are essential to a healthy conception and pregnancy.

This all-natural drink is also great for supplying nursing mothers with the protein and nutrients they need. Order a single-serving packet of Baby Booster for $3.

15. The world's first smart crib that responds to your baby's fussing and rocks them back to sleep.

Invented by Dr. Harvey Karp in collaboration with renowned industrial designer Yves Béhar and MIT-trained engineers, The Snoo reduces crying, boosts sleeping, and prevents rolling over. It isn't cheap, but it promises to make your whole family sleep better (which is basically priceless). Order one for $1,160.

17. This smart changing pad that allows you to easily track your baby's weight, feedings, diapers, and more.

The pad has a built-in wireless smart scale that sends your baby's metrics straight to your smartphone. Hatch Baby Grow won't be available until May, but you can preorder it now for $129.