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    27 Impossibly Fun Ways To Entertain Kids At Your Wedding

    Because it's better to have fun than a meltdown.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Have a "kids' table" and stock it with crayons... lots of crayons.

    2. Speaking of the kids' table, forgo the fancy tablecloth and put down butcher paper instead.

    This way kids can draw anywhere they like.

    3. Kid-friendly, wedding-themed placemats work well too.

    Download the .pdf of this placemat here for $4.00.

    4. Put a centerpiece on the kids' table that can be played with later.

    Gemma Clarke Photography / Via

    5. Not doing a kids' table? You can still keep your little guests busy with an activity briefcase.

    Front Room Photography / Via

    This guide has loads of ideas for what to put in it.

    6. Give kids this wedding-themed activity booklet.

    Download the free printable featuring coloring, tic-tac-toe, and word games here.

    7. Gift each kid a pocket-sized Etch-A-Sketch.

    Flickr: thisisgeometry / Via Creative Commons

    It'll be worth every penny when they sit quietly through the speeches. Buy them here from $4.75.

    8. Set up a "kids only!" tent. / Instagram/Twitter: @braedonflynn

    You could also make an adjoining room a "kids only!" zone (assuming your venue is set up in such a way). Have games, show a movie, and serve pizza!

    9. Hire a babysitter to make sure the kids are having fun (and keeping out of trouble).

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: gottshar

    This is especially smart if you're going to have younger kids who might need help with games or activities.

    10. Hang a piñata and let kids — and the bride! — get in a few swings.

    Flickr: ewedistrict (bride / Via Creative Commons

    Buy the heart-shaped piñata here for $36.

    11. Set up a video game station.

    Kids will love it (assuming the adults ever give them a turn).

    12. For an outdoor wedding, cornhole toss is a blast.

    Special order this set featuring the silhouettes of the bride and groom here for $275.

    13. "Wedding" ring toss is fun, too.

    Really, most carnival-style games are great for kids. Buy the ring toss here for $75 or make your own.

    14. Set up a bubble station.

    Long after the kids are tuckered out, your grown-up guests will still be blowing bubbles. Bank on it. Learn more here.

    15. Give kids disposable cameras and enlist them to play "I Spy."!portfolio

    This will keep them engaged in the wedding. Order a card design like this one here. (Parents could easily DIY something like this to keep their own children entertained too!)

    16. A photo booth = kids making funny faces for hours.

    And props turn it into a big game of dress-up. Order this 40-piece set here for $59.

    17. Have a ball pit.

    18. Schedule a "kids only" time on the dance floor. / Via Creative Commons

    Let little ones burn off some energy on the dance floor for 15-30 minutes before the adults are ready to start dancing.

    19. Bonus: ask the DJ to play "Let It Go" after inviting all the kids to the dance floor.


    Hello, viral video.

    20. Stock one table with classic board games.

    21. Challenge kids to complete a jigsaw puzzle of your engagement photo.

    Order a personalized 16x20 jigsaw puzzle here for $33.

    22. Let loose in a bounce house.

    Joseph Hall / Via

    Just be sure you're able to keep your drunken friends out of it.

    23. Let kids get creative with these Mad Libs-style story cards.

    Learn how you can make ones personalized to your wedding here.

    24. Have an "open bar" for the kids.

    Flickr: 77804658@N03 / Via Creative Commons

    Yes, the candy and junk food might make kids a little crazy, but the stuff the other open bar serves might make your adult guests crazy too.

    25. Let kids go "glow" crazy.

    You can order a pack of 50 glow sticks here for $25.49. The "Let Love Glow" sign can be found here for $25.

    26. Make sure the appetizer hour is kid-friendly.

    Serve at least one appetizer that appeals to kids, like these mini mac and cheese pies.

    27. Give kids a kid-friendly drink for the toasts.

    Adults get to raise a special drink, so kids should, too! If not milk and cookies, try apple cider or flavored lemonade.

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