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27 Impossibly Fun Ways To Entertain Kids At Your Wedding

Because it's better to have fun than a meltdown.

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8. Set up a "kids only!" tent. / Instagram/Twitter: @braedonflynn

You could also make an adjoining room a "kids only!" zone (assuming your venue is set up in such a way). Have games, show a movie, and serve pizza!

9. Hire a babysitter to make sure the kids are having fun (and keeping out of trouble).

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: gottshar

This is especially smart if you're going to have younger kids who might need help with games or activities.


15. Give kids disposable cameras and enlist them to play "I Spy."!portfolio

This will keep them engaged in the wedding. Order a card design like this one here. (Parents could easily DIY something like this to keep their own children entertained too!)


18. Schedule a "kids only" time on the dance floor. / Via Creative Commons

Let little ones burn off some energy on the dance floor for 15-30 minutes before the adults are ready to start dancing.


24. Have an "open bar" for the kids.

Flickr: 77804658@N03 / Via Creative Commons

Yes, the candy and junk food might make kids a little crazy, but the stuff the other open bar serves might make your adult guests crazy too.


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