Sidonglobophobia Is A Real, Terrifying Thing And You Don't Want It

    Sidonglobophobia is the fear of cotton. And it's not funny. Seriously.

    Sidonglobophobia is the fear of cotton, especially cotton balls.

    This probably sounds funny to you, but if you have it (like I do) you don’t find it funny at all.

    The most common way Sidonglobophobia messes with you — OMG, I’m gagging just writing this — is when you open a bottle and see all that cotton sticking out.

    Because of this, you will often go to extremes to avoid touching the cotton.

    Of course, few things are worse than seeing someone pull apart cotton like this.

    Then there's the sound cotton makes when it is pulled apart. This videomaker put the cotton disgustingly close to the camera so we could all hear the horror.

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    What's that? You don't think it sounds like the howl of a demon from hell? Count yourself lucky.

    When you have to get blood drawn, you don't worry about the needle — you worry about the cotton ball they make you touch afterward.

    Visiting the pharmacy can be hard because you DO NOT want to stumble into this aisle.

    Having to make one of these crafts — or helping your kid to make one — is highly traumatic.

    For some, even Q-tips are difficult, which makes putting on makeup and cleaning your ears a struggle.

    Even a mere photo of a cotton ball can be triggering — and your family and friends likely use that knowledge to troll you.

    This here is a literal nightmare.

    The idea of someone pulling this prank on you makes your heart race.

    This freaky man covered in cotton balls makes my teeth ache and the hair stand up on my arms.

    So, if this...

    ...or this...

    ...or THIS!!!!!! doesn't make you queasy, count yourself lucky.

    Because some of us are over here like: