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    21 Kids Who Are Living In The Future While The Rest Of Us Are Trying To Catch Up

    🎵 "I believe the children are our future..." 🎵

    1. This kid, who took swimming pools to the sky:

    2. This kid, whose hoverboard/bike combo revolutionized sidewalk travel:

    We're living in 2018 while he is living in 3018.

    3. This kid, who re-invented public transportation:

    4. And this kid, who took airport travel to a whole other level:

    5. This kid, who got on national TV and used the moment to take his shot:

    6. This kid, whose eating technique is straight out of the next millennium:

    7. This girl, who is also a food-eating visionary:

    8. And definitely this kid, who did THAT:

    9. This kid, whose virtual reality is way better than our V.R.:

    10. This kid, who sees possibilities in clothing the rest of us can't:

    This kids living in 3018 while we’re still in 2018

    11. This kid, whose rain gear is the definition of futuristic:

    12. And this kid, who is almost certainly a future fashion icon:

    13. This kid, who is a next-level problem solver:

    14. And this girl, who will invent something bigger than the internet in the future:

    Y’all living in 2018, but my daughter’s already in 3018

    15. These kids, who suggest we have a surprise waiting for us in the afterlife:

    16. This kid, whose broken arm allowed him to stumble upon the typing style of the future:

    17. This kid, who basically outsmarted education:

    18. And this kid, who did the same damn thing:

    19. This kid, who built an epic football stadium out of cardboard:

    Let's make this kid go viral by clicking the retweet bottom Paper football stadium

    20. This kid, who passed on being a knight or princess on medieval day, and went big as a plague doctor:

    At my daughter’s school it’s medieval day. Everyone else wore Disney princess dresses or homemade knight costumes. THIS KID marches to his own drum. #plaguedoctor ✊respect

    21. And this high school kid, who saw a table where us simpletons only see a car: